my dad thinks he knows "the truth" because he watches the news

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  1. i try to tell him how the news doesn't care about telling the truth and how they tell lies and condition your brain to believe in nonsense, and he really insists that he knows "the truth" because he watches the news. i love him but i feel like punching his fucking head off when he says this, especially when i tell him that he can never know the truth, especially not just from watching the news, and he doesnt believe me. pisses me off.:mad:
  2. just because you see it doesnt mean its true, this is a disease that i would venture to say has plagued 95% of Americans. I SAW IT ON THE NEWS, IT MUST BE TRUE!
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    I guess when you've spent nearly your entire life relying on one source for all of your information about the world... it's tough to accept when that source becomes completely corrupted.
    The news is now nothing more than Entertainment Tonight with bonus coverage of whatever b.s. the government wants to show us that day.
  4. i know! i just do not understand that logic. it is almost common sense to me and just proves how dumb the majority of the public is. "oh look at me, i am so educated and knowledgeable because i watch TV!" unbelievably moronic.

    well i guess thats true. i'll think that anyway just to keep myself from getting worked up over it because his ignorance pisses me off to an extent that you will never know. I doubt it will work though and i will still get pissed off, because it is so damn obvious! what makes me even more mad about it is the fact that my dad acts like he is so smart and has a HUGE ego which is probably why he cannot accept what i tell him. NOT ONLY THAT, but he is STUBBORN beyond belief!! that just tops it off. ignorance is bad itself, but when you are dealing with an ignorant person who is stubborn then there is just no hope in changing their ways! and last but not least, this guy is my dad and i somewhat feel like crap for talking shit about him. i say all of this to him though so he knows how i feel about him.
  5. My parents are the same lol even those fake court shows, they believe it. It's really sad and funny at the same time.
  6. who cares !?! every one is entitled their own opinion . just helping dad out here since he cant speak for himself:wave: here
  7. Is your dad single? If so, he'd love my mom. :rolleyes:
    If not, is your mom/stepmom like that too?
  8. My mom claims she knows the news is BS most of the time, but that doesn't stop her from affording me examples from various television programmes to aid her reasoning, which is faulty a lot of the time.

    "Mom, whatever you do, don't vote fucking Conservative tonight."

    "All politicians are corrupt, it doesn't matter!"

    "Vote NDP."

    "Jack Layton creeps me out."

  9. this is a great thread lol so true parents are naive and ignorant in todays times, they have the old fashion mindset like the news and my government would never lie to me, when no one really knows the last time they actually told the truth
  10. i believe anyone 40+ really bought all the propaganda they've been spoon fed and watch the new to stay informed, and say really racist things and dont know its really racist.

    it should be "home of the hypocritical and land of the delusional"
  11. You do realize that you can actually get information on tv and online and compare reports to get at the truth? If you can research both sides of a story you can generally figure out what is really happening.

    You don't have to allow yourself to get spoon fed information form only one source. I spend a couple hours a day checking different news sources online, and think for myself.
  12. What's more, is hardly anyone under 40 votes anymore. Then again, what the hell does voting do these days.

  13. i know, but they do. they just do. and they dont know that they do it.
  14. NEWS= TRUTH BRO...
    no questions asked.

  15. LMAO! That's exactly how my mom is! Always talking about how "We just need to take them ALL out of office and start over! They are all not Republican or Democrat."

    Yet, she ALWAYS votes Republican and ALWAYS talks shit about Democrats.'s ridiculous. On the same token, my mom also claims that all news is biased but still sites it as her source for everything she knows.

    My dad is worse though, he still thinks email forwards are true.

    That's not true at all.
  16. i was reading some of the crap by associated d press concerning bin laden's death . i wanted to take a spoon and remove my eyes from the cranial cavity
  17. knew someone on people's court....its real.

    obv its set up like a television show and has a production team but the cases are real.
  18. Yes, it's real cases and real people, but it's also theatrical. That's like saying reality shows like the Real World is real just because those people aren't actors.
  19. wouldnt that be real? lol

    like if he got punched in the face on tv...he gets punched in the face in real life

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