my dad smokes weed?

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  1. not sure if this is the right place for this. and im quite new to grasscity but lets get to the point. basically i've just started smoking recently. im 19 live in canada alberta. and i just never really wanted to smoke before now. but now that i do i love it and like i go hard with my buddys. who have coincedentally smoke all the time and since forever. but now the story gets good. i've always had the suspicion my dad smokes weed but coudl never prove it. hes always been a strict hard ass and i can't picture him as a stoner. till recently. i've caught the sweet aroma of the bud coming from the garage and today while my parents were at work ventured in and found my dads hefty stash. and like the shit smells good. but basically my deliema is do i call him out on it? i really want to cause like i see it as a good bonding experience cause my dad and i aren't very close. and i wanna smoke a blunt with my dad straight up. but i've been contemplating how to tell him and i was wondering what the brilliant minds of grasscity thought of this? should i call him out or just let it be? like would this backfire on me or is it gonna be alot more chill.
  2. whenever people say stuff like this i always give the same advice:
    either just be honest and talk to him
    or (and this one is funnier) next time you smell that he blazed recently, lightly say what smells like weed, then start laughing a little, then suddenly stop laughing and just stare at him dead in the eye. itll be funny for you awkward for him then funny for both of you once you guys blaze a little later (assuming he is fine with you smoking)
  3. like i've been contemplating it i want to confront him and like not be a dick about it. just be like hey what were you doing the other day? oh cause it smelled like weed. and i found your stash dont worry i know its cool kinda deal. but like i guess what im looking for is feedback from people that are open with their parents about it. like am i shitting on the hand that feeds me and im gonna be watched like a hawk on house arrest kinda deal. or is it like just straight up chill dont worry about it smoke a dub with him.
  4. i think he will nderstand if you just go and say it directly in a respectful manner
    you dont necessarily need to tell him you smoke unless he seems chill with it
    just kinda see how he reacts when you ask him
    if he denies it or acts like he doesnt want to talk about it, just let it go
  5. ....That all depends on how chill your dad is
  6. yeah man thanks caster thats actually some good advice.
  7. call him out on it and act all confused and shit like you know fuck all about pot, then stop trying to hide your blazing habits and just wait till he catches you
    and hope it's all chill from there on in
  8. just be like hey dad, when you were younger did you smoke pot, and then drop a subtle hint about it
  9. just light up a joint in your garage when he's home and let him catch you, if he gets angry then just say "shut up you know you want to hit it" then explain how you found his stash
  10. How about: Hey Dad, do you know anywhere besides the garage where I can score some good weed?"

  11. This is a winner right here.
  12. Be like "i got five on it" :)
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    This for sure it'll be such a hoot
  14. i bong it with my dad on a daily basis xD
    im pre sure that you can as well
  15. Just take from his stash. He can't say anything I have a friend in he same sitaution his dad blazes and he just takes from his dads stash...they don't smoke togeyher but there is nothong the parent can say to you
  16. so i casually brought it up. asking why the garage and backyard smelled funny when he was home alone and it smelt like weed. and he was in deni. definitely had the deer in headlights look so i left it alone for now.

    just whip out the joint now or what?
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    Lmao. nice one.
  18. Why don't you bring it up in another way. Talk about weed being legalised somewhere or relate it to a family/friend that has an illness that could be helped by weed. Find a positive story somewhere in the media and discuss it with him, or go the other way and find a hard ass story that paints weed as the worse drug ever, huge gateway effects etc.

    If he is chilled and cool about weed, he will know that it isn't as bad as the media says, or he will agree with the positive sides.

    Never talk directly about the subject talk around it a see his reaction, then you can slide in the fact that you tried it once a while ago etc.

  19. dude if that happened to me i would straight up call my dad out on it! it would give me a good reason to talk/chill with my dad making us closer, and i could be a lot more relaxed about smoking when i'm at my house. that would be awesome. lol i would tell him and then you can two can smoke a blunt!
  20. So WTF happend OP:confused:

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