my dad knew bob marley

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  1. when ever we smoke he always tells the story of how he knew him, whenever bob marley had/vistited his radio station in south miami florida, my dad would sell him 8 ounces for 1000$. my dad is now a chef and says bob marley taught him how to make tea and all sorts of things with weed.
    What yall think about this story?
  2. My dad was Bob Marley.I just outdid you.
  3. my dad was one of bob marley's dreads, i take second place
  4. I am Bob Marley.

    How about that, boys?
  5. Sheeeit.
  6. waddup pops, mom says you gotta send that child support soon

  7. Hope you get the reference:

  8. I am every joint Bob Marley ever smoked.
  9. i am bob marleys shit
  10. You have NO idea how many times I met bob marley. Ohhhhh you mean like in the tangible sense?? Well wtf.

  11. thats exactly what i thought when i read that, hehe.

    umm. i'm not sure what i think of the story, could be true. he might of met him and exaggerated a little.

  12. Hah, gotta love Clay Davis. The wire was such a good series. :rolleyes:
  13. hmmm idk what to think but this is def serious

  14. Hey OP, I think that is a great story, even if everyone else does not care
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    I'll tell you who I'm not.....

    ....That's right. You've guessed it. NOT Bob Marley. :D:confused::smoking:
  16. Trollin' for the lulz
  17. Op my dad could totally beat your dad up
  18. I am everything that is, will be, and ever was... including Bob Marley, you, & your dad. Enjoy:)
  19. My dad also knew bob marley and cooked eggs with him, Martin Luther King & Chris Farley

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