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My dad cant get buzzed on weed???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DankSmoker2181, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. it weird my dad only smokes once a week. and he can only get mildly buzzed. and he smokes good shit! i smoke his shit and get high by 2 pinches and i smoke evreday. i want hi to like bud more because he drinks alchohal. i want him to like bud more because alcahol bad. and i know weeds buzz is so much better.....
  2. haha how old are you man? Seriously but idk what's wrong with him maybe he can't chill out?
  3. Ah, I see the problem:
    [ame=]‪Clinton I didnt inhale‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  4. Sounds like underage b& in here.
  5. he probably just says hes buzzed so he can keep smoking more
  6. why do think im underage? because i misspelled one word! this is a serious question. and he does inhale. because he smoked i his younger days
  7. Maybe try having him smoke some of your stuff? Sometimes if you smoke the same time of bud for a while and then switch to a different strain you can get higher. Not just because of different quality, but because you've developed a tolerance to that particular strain. If he's been smoking for a long time, though he might just have a really high tolerance and need to take a break. I'm not sure why people are saying you're underage. Probably just trolling themselves. lol There's nothing in your post that made me think you weren't of age.
  8. i've heard of people not getting high at all before. i think it has something to do with your neurological system, but i'm not sure tbh. maybe his thc receptors aren't getting the signal? :confused:

    and YOU
    fuck off back to /b/.
  9. Already there.

  10. How is it serious? Is this a life and death situation here? So what if he doesnt get totally fucking blasted, or that he likes alcohol over weed. Lots of people do. Its all preference.

    Also, you could make an English teacher commit suicide. You did a shitload more than just misspell one word. Put some effort into your posts and you wont be labeled as underage. We take that seriously here. Underage people simply arent welcome

  11. Underage teens don't bother me if they aren't complete fucking retards.
  12. BAHAHAHA this is the most poorly put together thread I think I have read for a....minute. mushroom speaks the truth, this is not serious...he might need to just find some better stuff because people say stuff is "chronic" and I look at it and think it is MAYBE lower mids.

    Your dad definitely gets high just not as much as you. And for fuck sake, what mushroom said. Maybe you should take a couple english classes before making me commit suicide reading your posts
  13. You guys, I think he meant sincere rather than a life or death situation when he said serious.
  14. dad like aclahol. alcohal BAD. me dont like hi when drunk. arghghghgha

  15. can you post that linky or whatever it is again? jaunt aint working :\
  16. Spell check is your friend...:rolleyes:
  17. :D
  18. exactly,i know some younger kids that act more mature than adults i know.and i just take a blind eye to suspicious looking posts,as long as you don't blatantly say "im underage" or something then i will never bring it up or even suspect it,everyone has a different reading and writing level so to assume or think someone is underage because of a post is simply ridiculous.

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