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My Cuz... (gay/not gay/facebook drama,lol)

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Guadalope, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Well yesterday I was having a conversation with my bro and his girl about gay people.
    -how lesbians that use strap on's makes no sense
    -why are people gay
    -what is it mean to be bisexual
    -other random nonsensical gay questions that we'll never understand

    Anyway, it led to, what if my friend I've known since kindergarten is gay. I noticed he shows the same awkwardness my Gay cuzin did at Christmas when he came over and couldn't stand all gay like and just be his gay self. My friend kinda is all moving his hands and fidgety and shit, just like my gay cuz. But he's (my friend) also is socially awkward, to the EXTREME.. so I don't know. But he's never had a women and I've never really heard him talk to me about women ever, all the women I told him I'm attracted to/want to fuck, hes:confused: like no feedback or no conversation. When I first fucked my girlfriend and told him there was no conversation at all. Was just yo, I finally has sex. And that was the conversation. I explained more than that, but he was just uncomfortable almost.

    He always is boasting to me about his muscles and shit, and it's just weird now. He always wants me to lift with him.

    Anyway fuck it this aint about my possible gay friend. It's about my Cuz(not the gay one I mentioned earlier).

    We talked about him (my cuz, not the gay one), and how I think he might be gay:

    This is all the shit we talked about

    He boasts about his sexual conquests but I've never seen him with a woman. How sluts are awesome, how fuck prude girls, he needs a girl that could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. and degrades women to the point where it's like: Wow...

    His "Paps" (father figure) has told me there has been 5 times when he has girls pretty much throwing their pussies at him and he declined, or left or did something to not fuck them. After hearing this, I was like wait a second, that does not correlate with anything my cuz talks about, or stands for. If anything he should of fucked these dumb sluts... Because that is how he views them.

    He boasts about fuckin women so much that it's as if he is not sure how to act straight, and thinks all straight men do is boast about sexual conquests. It seems unnatural. (I say this because I had a gay friend, who did the same exact shit, and we all assumed he was gay, and he turned out to be gay, he would boast about how pretty she is how pretty she its how I fucked her oh I fucked her, all the time) Literally all the fucking time hes showing me girls on facebook hes fucked... etc. The only time I've seen him interact with women is on facebook chat. MY cuz does the same shit my friend who turned out to be gay does.

    Anyway all that shit we talked about, was only to my bro and his girlfriend. Earlier today, someone "hacked" his face book, and made a post on his wall that he came out of the closet and hopes his friends and family can accept him.

    Now Only my BRO and my bros GIRL knew of this, I brought of the whole conversation to their attention... I know my bro didn't do it. So his girl did. Unless my cuz' actually came outta the closet magically the night after we happened to have a conversation about how I think he might be gay... Seems too fishy. Unless he actually did, and faked it as a facebook "hacking" to see what people think of him as "Gay" and denies it. IDK Honestly I don't give a shit at all.. I am lawling at the situation. My bro thinks his girl did it. I think his girl did it, my cuz thinks his girl did it. My bros girl is all emo now. I feel like she may of done it:
    1) my cuz always fucks with her
    2) I told her this shit (only her and my bro, I know my bro didn't do this)
    3) She doesn't like my cuz
    4) shes insecure as FUCK! possibly did it to see if my Bro would be on her side and back her or some crazy women fucked up mind thing

    Yeah.... IDK if anyone gives a shit or anything lol, feedback???
  2. Lawl... My bro's girl is crying and shit right now, I heard he sniffling and emo stomp. Goddamn she's so fucking emotional the most emo girl I've ever seen.
  3. cant stand posers. being honest i found out i had a gay sibling and unless they are really scared about not being accepted i dnt think hed be boasting around like so. jus ask him whats his deal why would he turn down pussy. act like u do know because you really do
  4. How does this affect your friendship?

    If it doesn't I don't really see a problem, if he's hiding the fact he's gay then leave it alone. He'll come out when he feels comfortable.

    Just let it be...
  5. Pretty sure he didn't say he was going to bother him or affect his friendship

    Hes just talking about how he thinks his cuz is gay bra.
  6. Why are you so obsessed with gay people? Every thread you post is something involving gays.

    Just an observation.
  7. WELL SIR! This is the sex love and relationship area... That being said I feel it is ok to post questions about gay people. I know NOT one gay person... Except for one of my gay cousin's, who I never get to chill with. None of my friends are gay, my brothers GF has gay friends, but I've never met them.

    I love sociology and psychology, and gay people are one of the things I do not understand, and happen to be involved in both categories, and want to understand them. I love knowledge, and gay people are very interesting and can broaden my knowledge and understanding of this planet. They are people I have not ever had a chance to converse with, and learn about. Loving sociology and psychology I truly enjoy trying to understand this world, and how it works, how society functions, how the mind works, and gay people happen to be interesting as fuck. Not until recently have they been in the public eye.

    They are HOMOSEXUAL... isn't that odd? Interesting? Why is someone attracted to the same sex instead of the opposite sex that majority of us are attracted to.

    As a straight person, I will never be bale to truly understand a gay persons mind, and they will never be bale to understand a straight persons mind. But I feel we should try to understand each other, and that is what I'm doing with these posts, well not this one.

    Not everything I post in here is about the gays. I've made probably 3 or 4 posts about gay people. One about understanding why people are gay based on my observations and theories, 2 about why lesbians use dildos, 3 this one I believe, 4 do gay men ever think about the damages of anal sex.
  8. It doens't affect my relationship with him at all in anyway shape or form. The post is more oriented as to why my bro's GF made a post on his facebook stating he came out of the closet and then she denied doing it.

  9. Sorry, I sorta just skimmed through your op.

    If anyone had your friends password it would be his girlfriend, but then again she would know she'd get caught... Your in a confusing situation. I guess what my high self was trying to say originally is to stay out of that drama...
  10. Lol, it's no drama at all, my cuz didn't give a shit, my bro's girfriend cried and shit because my bro was pissed at her and not talking to her.

    It's old news now.

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