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  1. I'm in the process of an order of a showerhead ashcatcher, disc diffused slide, and docking bay. I have a few pics of the DD slide. I'm excited to get this stuff in, thought I'd share. The work on this bowl is sick.

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  2. God damn man i want one of those so bad. Im sick of using screen's and glass screens.
  3. niice, ive got a GMD order going through too... im just waiting for them to charge my paypal account and then im done :D seems like more and more ppl are turning to GMD for their glass needs
  4. Awesome dude. Hopefully mine will be shipping on Monday, and I can break it in before next weekend. :D
  5. seems lovly, my friend will love to take one of them
    me want to gift him
    shall i ?

  6. They are awesome. Do it as soon as you can... but if I were you I'd look for a used LW one. He is most consistent.

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