My cousin is an idiot

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  1. So she told me her and a bunch of friends got a lot of weed, they smoked most of it and were about to go into a party. She said they each had about a 10 sack for each of them. They didn't feel like smoking it so she tells me this straight faced:

    "Yeah so we all just ate the rest of what we had and washed it down with water so it would work"

    They really all ate their weed and washed it down with water. And she looked me dead in the eyes and said it worked perfectly. I couldn't even believe her. I argued with her that you can't just eat it and she refused to change her mind.
  2. i hate retards like that
  3. that sucks man. ooh, invite her over and fill your mouth up with water and be like "i just have to wash down this weed" and then spit it in her face.

  4. AAAACCCCCTTTUUUQAAALLLLYYY....ive JUST eaten weed heating it or nothing....SOMETIMES it works sometimes it doesnt
    EDIT:eek:ut of 3 only worked once
  5. You're mistaken, my friend.

    Tetrahydrocannabinol requires heat to activate, as does other inactive cannabinoids found in marijuana.

    Please do some research. Any effects felt from consuming unheated weed are strictly placebo.
  6. no placebo....i was THOUROUGHLY eyes would shake every time my heart took a beat...but maybe......i live in florida...and it was summer...maybe it was in a container for a long time and it was hot outside idk
  7. "Eating
    It is a myth that dried marijuana must be heated before being consumed to activate the cannabanoids. Many people find that raw cannabis leaves and buds can be eaten for strong effects without any pre-heating. It is a common belief that heating the cannabis before ingestion increases its potency and cooking extractions using food oils (such as butter or olive oil) are the most common methods for making cannabis-based foods.[Section Edited by Erowid Feb 19, 2002]"

  8. dude u guys r stupid every1 knows u can eat weed and get high, ive done it b4, and thc does not require heat to activate, look at amsterdam, the weed capital, they sell space cakes and space brownies and i believe they know wat they're talking about

  9. its not like you can tell if it was the placebo effect or not....thats kind of what the placebo effect means....
  10. You obviously don't know how edibles are made...

    And no thanks to just straight up eating my weed, I'll stick to smoking it. :smoking:

  11. :laughing: When the brownies cook the THC gets activated broseph.
  12. How about YOU do some research, or take any high school chemistry class. Chemicals aren't 'activated' by heat. That's just fucking stupid. I am assuming that when THC is bound with a fat or oil, it is more readily released into the blood stream, and perhaps some people don't get high from eating it alone due to the PH of their stomach acid, the amount of food in their stomach, or perhaps because humans can't digest cellulose (plant matter) and THC in the plant matter is never introduced to their blood stream.

    lol @ people who think chemicals are 'activated'
  13. Correct. But you need to eat like an eigth for it to work but if you were to use butter you could get away with something like 1.5g's. And maybe less with firecrackers.
  14. some people just wont listen :rolleyes:
  15. Listen buddy, chill. you dont know what your talking about anyways.

    The space cake they eat in amsterdam is made using either oil or butter, or another extract, which is then cooked, the thc is absorbed by whichever they use and is then eaten.

    like somebody copied from erowid from above me. thc doesnt need heat activation, although im not sure about other cannabinoids. It delivers it much more faster and stronger due to the heat.
  16. I don't think it's due to the heat. I think it's due to the fact that when cooked in oil or fat, it's absorbed into the fat, so when your body uses the fat as energy like usual, it takes the THC with it.

  17. lol.....ive had placebo.....its different...placebos are light and wimpy
    EDIT:and when i got high without heating it it was the 3rd time...not the first time
  18. thc needs to be heat activated you know unless ur stomach is an oven
  19. WEELLLL....i DID used to be 60 pounds overwiehgt when i ate it
  20. You have eaten yourself RETARDED!

    Just kidding.

    But seriously... :confused:

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