my conundrum

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  1. my conundrum is that im banging this one chick. fuck buddies i guess.... but this girl that i recently met wants to have sex, and shes pretty fuggin hot too, probably out of my league :wave:

    so anyways, the one girl im already making coitus knows we arent talking or dating or anthing, but i feel like shed get pissed if i hooked up with this other girl.:rolleyes:

    should i have intercourse with the elegant broad i just met, and risk the friends with benefits situation. or just stick to what i got...

    im pretty sure i know my answer already:cool::cool:... but i want some advice anyway lmao
  2. hit the other doubt
  3. Have sex with everyone.
  4. You definitely want to go after the other girl
  5. have a threesome
  6. What makes you think she's gonna find out? Isn't that the whole point of you not being in an actual relationship anyways? You said you guys didn't talk.
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  8. yea, were not, but to me, were just fuck buddies, but to her, were like..... exclusive fuck buddies? idk if that makes sense lol

    and you know i BEEN dun worked the 3-way angle... no love :mad:
  9. Fuck both their Moms, and which ever pussy lips get the most wet, wins. Than you know what girl to fuck with.
  10. Well this is tricky... an exclusive FB situation? Soooooooo basically you're in a relationship :rolleyes:

    I think that if you want to have the oppurtunity to fuck hot girls at your leisure stay single.

    Be honest, if you tell you FWB how u want to fuck this new chick will she be mad?
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  12. End things completely with FWB. Pursue Elegant Lady.
  13. What's the problem? Fuck the other girl and don'tlet girl number 1 find out. Iv fucked fwb bestfriend and they didn't care. Sounds more like a relationship
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  16. Fuck these threads man you're not gonna listen to what we say anyway you just want us to know you're sexually active lol

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