My Collection (German RooR & 5150)

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  1. Hey everyone so decided to share my small collection with the world and see what you guys think :wave:

    The Orange RooR is 18 inches- Father piece
    The White RooR is 32 Inches- Father Piece
    The 5150 is 17 inches

    Will post other milking vids Later:D

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  2. I'm likin that 5150, not a fan of Roor they're overpriced.
  3. I'm sorry, but RoaR will forever be known as the "Abercrombie" of bongs. I'm not paying $150 extra for a logo. But that other heady piece is a gem. That my friend is a great looking piece; majorly jealous.
  4. Nice collection you should get a nice bub next time. You've already got the straight tubes on lock.
  5. That 5150s downstem has a peculiar angle of entry.
  6. .
    Yeah the 5150 has a wider base then my other two bongs, its's like a low profile stem haha
  7. Why did ya get two roor's, you like em that much?? and nice pieces!

  8. No, he hated the first Roor so much that he thought, "Hey, I'll get another."

  9. .......fuck you.
  10. The reason RooR is so expensive is because back in the day finding a solid tube was not as easy as it is today and they could charge more for them. Now glassblowers are sellin tubes for like 80-100 so RooR isn't as appealing, but RooR definitely has a spot in my heart and deserves a spot in the "Museum of Bong History" if anyone has one.

  11. It was too easy. D:

    BTW, that 5150 is weird. Cool base, but weird.
  12. great collection!

    thanks for sharing :)

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