My Closet Tent Grow (AK 48 and California Hash)

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  1. OK! This is my first attempt at a grow... I'm starting this journal a little early but I should have the complete set up by the end of the month and be finished just in time for Christmas... Yay! Christmas weed!! :hello::smoke:

    In the meantime I will be giving weekly updates and I'll outline my set up in the first post with a few pics...

    Well if u haven't guessed already I will be growing in my closet with a mylar grow tent that's about 4 ft wide by 2 ft deep and 6 ft 8 in tall. I have a UFO LED grow light (light and Tent in transit) for vegging and flowering.

    I will be using a soiless potting mix put together manually (1/3 Vermiculite, 1/3 Perlite, and 1/3 Canadian Spahgnum Peat Moss) and I'll be starting my seeds in Jiffy pellets and transplanting to 8" pots when sufficient sized is reached.

    My vent system consists of an aluminium duct fed through the roof and out a window in another room. My exaust fan is an Zen Living Alpine Air Purifier with a built in 400 CFM fan and a high output ionizer and ozone generator. Has a HEPA filter too!

    My clones will be stored in a pre fabbed steel box equipped with dual tube flourescent lights. My clones will be rooting in Jiffy pellets then transplanted into the 8" pots.

    I will be growing 5 of the AK 48 strain and one Feminized California Hash (got it free with my order), and I'll be feeding them with Plant Prod all purpose 20-20-20 plant food (opinions?). I'll be using Plant Prod 15-30-15 Bloom formula for flowering.

    That's it for now i suppose... any questions so far? There are pics below of what I'v collected so far... I will be updating again on Monday and I'll answer any questions in the meantime and I will accept any advice or pointers as it is my first time.

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  2. Yep I'm back... just a quick update... bought my seeds, my grow tent and UFO LED tri-band 90w light today... heard they were excellent. They should be here about mid next week and the fun can begin!! :D
  3. I'm back for my slightly late monday update!! haven't checked to see if my seeds are in but i will do that later today... My Clone/Germination cabinet is finished!! (pics below) Got a 24 inch duo lamp flourescent set-up... Got aquarium/plant lamps for now cause thats all they had. I'm gonna get some daylights when I can find some. If ur wondering what's on top of the cabinet, those are weed whacker cords for height adjustment. I also picked up a neat little device today should prove useful... A power bar with a built in digital timer (SEARS). Two birds with one stone :D!! It's great u can program 4 out of the 8 outlets to their own schedual including days of the week. The other four are operated via the standard switch. I'm expecting the tent and UFO LEDs soon and i will give a full update with lotsa pics when they arrive.

    Bye for Now :wave:

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  4. LOL.. to excited to wait for monday... got my seeds on tuesday and started germinating right away... today I checked them (switched to moist paper towel) and two of the AK 48s and the Cali Hash popped... I transferred them to the jiffy pellets with a little rooting hormone to speed up and increase root production... My tent is in and I'll be picking it up from the post office tomorrow or saturday... I'll be back then with pics!!!
  5. Your bx isn't quite light tight, which will cause problems during flower. Get some black duct tape to cover that crack during dark periods or your asking for hermies.

  6. That box is just for my clones and seedlings and yes I had thought of the light so I'm gonna have weather stripping on the doors and cardboard covering the large opening, but thanks for the tip... gotta keep an eye on that feminized Cali Hash!!
  7. I'm back again... really late... but that's what happens when you have one computer with dial-up in a house of internet junkies lol.... anyway things are going extremely well... as u can see below my plants are growing really well... cept for the Cali Hash... this lady's a little behind.... but that's cause the seed shell got stuck on the growing sunleaves and held them closed, so i just pulled it off and she recovered quickly... My tent looks amazing and that light is crazy bright!! plugged it in when i got it home and looked right at it and when the capacitor fired and the light shone.... i felt like I flashed myself with a welder lol... I started the plants on a sample packet of 6-12-6 liquid fertilizer today... mixed it with 4 litres of water and poured 350 mls of the solution into each pot (used about half of the 4 litres)... see how they like it. the packets should last me about four feedings them I'm going to switch to the 20-20-20 after i use up the sample packets.

    so I'll leave u with some pics... some are from when I got the tent and some are from today... got some pics of my little sun beasts here too... and sorry about the image quality very old digital camera... and if ur wondering what that red and yellow thing is..... it's an old lego vacuum.... I'm using it to boost up my fan obviously

    Anyway! enjoy the pics and see u next saturday!!

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  8. I'm back again! well I find it hard to believe that it's been a week looking back at the pics i took last week and my plants this week they really do grow like crazy. As u can see my little sun beasts are growing vigorously and happily. My biggest is already on it's fourth leaf set and is starting side branches. my smallest hasn't finished it's third yet. none the less i have started the low stress training. They are taking to it well and had resumed new growth very quickly after being bent over. I fed them on saturday with my new 20-20-20 nutes and there is already evidence of burn but nothing major yet... I'll give them a few more days and see how they turn out... I'm not going to change the concentration on the next feeding unless my EC meter (forthcoming) tells me otherwise. But other than that, no pests, no signs of mould nor fungus gnats... temp and RH are optimum so things are going excellent!

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  9. I need help!! I made the stoopidest mistake ever!! I bought a new heater last week and installed it... I didn't read the instructions and put it on high inside my little tent. a few hours later I come back to find it 93 F in there and the top most leaves are completely dry!!! :cry: I think I saved them mostly... but now one plant is showing extreme nute burn others are wilting with lots of water... and some are having stems collapse!! One of them however is completly fine and looks like it was never touched by the extreme heat (will b cloning that one for sure!!) Is there a way, oh great masters of grow, to save my (seem to be) dying plants!? or at least to make them healthy looking again. I'm at a loss!!:confused_2:

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