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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by brian8472, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. they are doing great and are very perky now. i need to know, can i put them in with my mother plant ( it has an hps light) its on 12/12 right now but i was thinking of putting them there for a few hours then back in there lil mist chamber they've been in it for about 4 days already when should i take em out? and i only got them under a 75 watta spot light how tall can they grow with that? the mother plant should be done flowering in 3 weeks can they lil babys last that long in there confinded conditions?
  2. been about a week and a half and now they seem to look a lil bit bigger and more healthy, 3 days ago i tryed to put them in a bit with the mother plant to share its light but to my dismay they drooped and didnt like it much( they were about 18 inches from the light) but i need to progress them forward do i not? i just moved them out of there humidity dome and have that 75 watt spot light on em what should i do next? they havent died so i assume they have roots also another question

    my mother plant is almost 4 feet tall and in a 5 gallon bucket some of the roots are close to the edge of it( when i check water level with my lil device somtimes it picks off tips of roots) so i am concerned about this. i have been feeding it a small dose of 10-60-10 for 1 week now the bottom leaves are turning a dark wet glossy yellow color then dieing. should i make cuts at the green thats left on it to prevent further decay?

  3. I assume you put the mother plant into flowering while you give it P fertilization?
  4. im not sure what that means. ive only been adding nutes to it i didnt do anything to alter sex or promote female sexuality its all doing great by itself :D and the leaves have stoped dieing so quickly ive lowered the nutes it gets by a lil bit and i also watered it a lil less then usual so i hope this helps looking for any advice really with what i should prepare to do when harvest comes and what i should do to insure this weed tastes good and shit
  5. HIGH All, sounds like your doing it right...a week or so before harvest you flush with just water..and to get the most taste from you BUD cure it..sometimes it doesn't last a week in a jar for me..gotta smoke it now!!!

    Your leaves are yellowing then dieing is because it's useing up the Nitrogen in the leaves.

    What do you have the clones in? If you think they have roots transplant them into bigger pots.

    Just keep doing what you doing and see what happens in a few more days.
  6. cool, just had a scare my mother plant was completly tiped and wilted over i watered alot and now its standing back up lol its got a few leaves still very wilted near the bottom but it is improving. trippy tho i was pissed off thought it was dead for sure but fuck me jesus nothing can stop this bad motherfuker lol so im glad i got a really good strain that seems to bounce back from stress easily :p
  7. anyone know if, when i clone i can take the clone cuttings and root them into a hydro setup? and also wondering if useing a 150 watt metal halide bulb would be good for clones
  8. clones just burst into growth. they grew one whole new pair of leaves and have sevreal more sprouting from the center they are now 4 inches tall with 3 sets of well distinguished leaves stems on them are kinda twisted a bit tho, wondering how to correct this problem if anyone has any advice.
  9. They should correct themselves, the MH light will be perfect for your little babies as well.
  10. thanks swaenk also curious if a 150 watt flouro would be decent for germination/clones/light vegitation before i move them to my hps

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