My Clones Died....Re-Veg Bubble Bucket?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by boognish, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Hello.

    My 4 clones just died....oh well, it was my first attempt, I think it was too cold for them.....but that is another thread

    I now have 2 females, both are almost a month into flower.

    One of them is extremely stunted due to high PH.

    I have decided to move this runt into my veg room to try and re veg....

    The only problem I am running into is a lack of vertical height......

    has anyone ever transplanted from a Hydroton filled netpot?

    I would like to get this plant into some big rockwool cubes to let it be mother plant in a drip system.

    here is a pic to help you visualize it....

    Or am I wrong entirely and I will never be able to reveg this dosent' look it, but she is over 3 months old

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

  2. I personally reveged a plant after flower in net pot to soil. Worked out good, remember marijuana is a weed

    p.s. 24/0 is your lighiting fyi
  3. good call on the 24/7 lighting

    did you just cut the root ball off?

    just dig a big hole and put it in?

    do you mind explaining a little how you did it?

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