my clingy, naggy girlfriend

Discussion in 'General' started by babaloeey, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. what's up with this broad? she's always scrutinizing my lifestyle, trying to change the way i live, that i smoke, what i eat,when i sleep. just stfu and worry about urself u borderline bitch.
  2. Is she super hot or something? If she isn't I would get out of that situation asap...control freaks are no fun.
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    You need to shove your penis into her mouth and after you're done she needs to go and make you a fucking sandwich.

    In other words, put her in her PLACE; the kitchen.

    *edit* no srsly, dump her.
  4. borderline bitch? sounds like a REAL bitch to me
  5. Tell that to her, not us.
  6. your avatar scares me
  7. well just saying if you love her, don't treat her wrong cause you'll regret it when shes gone, i know from experience.
  8. And she's your gf why?

    That seems like all reasons I'd stay away from someone...
  9. Is she hot?
  10. Why is she your girlfriend?

    Did she just start acting this way?

    I don't know your story, for all I know you're some lazy guy, and don't like being called out on it. If not, then why are you putting up with that shit?
  11. Bitches b buggin..
    But hey.. can't live wit em, can't live without em ...
  12. Hell of a way to break up with your girlfriend
  13. fuck your topic, sucks slimy wet assholes dry.

  14. why can't I find a girl with the same opinions as you? lmao <3

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