my chillum and new spoon! big pics

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  1. hey what up gc im new to this forum and just thought i would share my peices. i got a glass chillum kinda shaped like a girls body and has tata's! hits very well. and today i picked up this spoon for 30, the bowl pack will fit .8 easily.HOPE U ENJOY!:smoking:


  2. lol that chillum is sick!!!!
  3. nice bowl and bud
  4. thanks! and thank u mr cfrost
  5. Represent Macbook Pros :hello: lol

    Those are some heady pieces!
  6. hell ya macbooks the shit love it! and thanks!
  7. That chillum is sick! I'd love to smoke out of her, name her something sexy
  8. hahah tits magie is what we named her
  9. Those are both pretty sweet, but I love that chillum, I want it, or one like it so bad now.
  10. i love chillums like that bc theyre so solid. they withstand drops very well.
  11. ok nice bowl now thats out the way. i hate chilums. idk y i just do. but that one is NICE!!!!!!!! i think im going to go look on gc store to see if i cant find a nice one for myself. happy toking:bolt:
  12. Chillums are the shit for just one person dude. My chillum is my go-to piece for solo toking at this point.
  13. nice chillum, man. and that herb looks tasty!
  14. thanks i appreciate it and the chillium is just for me to use buy my self:smoking:
  15. Nice toking tools man! and welcome to GC!

  16. awesome
  17. Enjoy that shit man. I fuckin love my chillum more than any other dry piece I've ever owned.
  18. ya i love the chillium thanks everyone.. but it pulls threw like a bitch when i take big hits haha and get the cherry on my tounge

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