My Chief of Police is a nut job.

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    Long story short:

    Live in a town of 4000

    We now have a drug dog.
    -Got it two weeks ago
    -Coast 10k up front (with housing)
    -training will be another 5k
    -our police force can't afford the food to feed the dog for the next year (or so they say)
    -Next city with a dog is 30,000 population

    We now have a ring of cameras around our city to monitor the flow of traffic in and out of town. Closest town to have this set up is a population of 75,000 people.

    City Council
    -Majority of the members dislike the way the police department is run
    -Multiple failed attempts at removing him, mayor prevented it.
    -believe he is wasting huge amounts of money
    -believe there isn't a drug problem in town

    Go from one dog search a year at the local HS, to doing 3 dog searches so far and coming up with less than normal.

    Run dogs through all local apartment complexes (excluding the one his wife owns and runs) along with up and down the trailer park.

    Constantly stopping joggers at 9pm-8am (local police beat is full of "suspicious character" stops)
  2. I do not compute
  3. Tell him "1984 was not an instruction manual"

    Actually plaster these everywhere


  4. Seems pretty simple. OP does not like the decisions made by his local police force because they seem, to him, to be excessive.
  5. In my town the Chief of police seat is basically for sale to who will pay the most. Our assistant chief quit do to the corruption. At least this isn't your case lol
  6. lmao..."your chief of police" ????

  7. Yes cops are there to serve and protect the people, so yes "my chief of police," it means the same as "the chief of police of my hometown.

    Yes, I do not own the home town but it is where I'm from.
  8. simple fact. the man you quoted is in the hole and banished from reality. I will be stepping in for this man.

  9. Supposedly there is 3 DA investigations into harassment and misconduct on "my home towns police force"

    I've seen the paper work for one investigation.

    Idk sorry to hear that, it's bull shit, I tend to complain about the cops and get bitched at it but I don't hat cops. I know they are doing their job, drugs are illegal, but it's cops that abuse the system that I'm mad about and that is what's going on in my hometown.
  10. So the dog will not be eating for its first year in service? How nice of them.
  11. the inside of your head is being poked by explosives
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    No they have jars all around town saying, "donate for K9 unit to keep our schools safe." The fact we already physically own the dog has been kept private, so a majority of the town believe that the money would be going to buy a dog where it is really for training and food.

    I should note that I understand food and training is part of a "k9 unit" but the way the police vocally promote it, they act as if we can't afford the dog but the drugs in town are so bad we need to give until it hurts.
  13. go fuck that dog up the ass and marry it and run away to spain with the dog. they will all be left behind scratching their heads

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