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Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by dael, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. Hello guys,
    Wondering if you can help!
    I have recently purchased the following:
    125w CFL Light - 6500k and 8100 Lumens (with Reflector)
    Cheap 23w CFL Light - 2700k (unsure of Lumens)
    A pot
    BioBizz Light Mix Soil
    Ionic Nutrient Solution
    My Arjans Haze #1 Seed arrived today and is currently germinating.
    I am very new to all this, and will be setting this up in my Wardrobe with just the one plant, and the above equipment.
    I am going to put soil in the pot tonight and once the seed has sprouted a root i will then put into my pot of soil.

    My question is, should i be putting the seed in the soil as soon as i get a root and should i activate the CFL's immediately?

    Would it help if i got some pics up?
    Cheers all!!
  2. The seed has now dropped to the bottom of the water and is staying there, Should i now move to paper towels and leave in a warm place? (I'm thinking airing cupboard)
  3. Wow no replied? What's happened to this forum?!
    Anyway, my seed sprouted! So i attempted to plant in the soil using tweezers...and dropped it into the hole i created about a knuckle deep or so. However, i quickly lost it among the soil and i'm not sure wether it landed Root up or down. Hopefully down.
    I'm assuming it will still grow? Wait and see?
  4. Yeah dude, once the seed has sprouted you wanna chuck her in the paper towels in a dark area for another night or so till the root is a fingernails length, then you want to carefully make a hole to place her in your soil!
    you place it in the soil root-first and just lightly cover the top with sol, dont water for a few days and it will start sprouting and you will see 2 small leaves arising , if the shell manages to stay on don't worry abot it for the frist few days , if its still o nthere after awhile and you are confident you can take the shell off, do so with no harm!
    now these leaves are the nutrience providers until it has fully grown all fan leaves, or until they wither.
    you ARE NOT to feed nutrients until these leaves are dieing off.
  5. Hi Niken,
    Thank you for your reply. As i was placing the seed into the soil with tweezers, i dropped it and it fell into the hole i made. However the hole wasn't very deep so i covered it and carried on.
    Right now I have a 125w CFL (8100 Lumens) about 5/6 inches away on over it. Is this a good idea?
  6. well i usually have no light until she starts to sprout, as this usually starts a cycle.
    afaik, if the hole wasn't that deep you may face stability issues and need to stress it a bit to get a thick stem,
    also that light seems right heigght,etc
    have you placed it into 18/6 or 24/0?
  7. I've placed it into 18/6, hopefully she will be ok! First time ever growing so it's all a learning process lol  :bongin:

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