My cats got fleas

Discussion in 'Pets' started by vostok, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. I'm using a little dab of Neem oil behind the tail for fleas but she don't really like it,
    one time you could get your cat a collar that would prevent fleas but not now?

    what do you use?
  2. Flea collar, flea shampoo, flea spray for the furniture/carpet, a lot of vacuuming.
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  3. No flea collars available in mother Russia? What about flea soap? Drops?
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  4. Indoor cat or indoor / outdoor? lots and lots of regular brushing outdoor, in the hot direct sun will do wonders. Obviously just leaving a cat outside with fleas will not help, but bringing them out into seriously warm sun for a brushing is huge, they scatter like crazy to get away from the light and heat, and the cat will probably love basking out there. Cat collars were always hit or miss. My old cat caught fleas, being a fat lazy bastard who roamed the hood like a boss, but had a hard time cleaning himself. Regular hard hard brushing with a razor brush and thinning his fur was the most of it. Switched his food around that time, not sure if it helped, the only other thing I did was flea drops at the back of the neck, it didn't smell and the cat didn't seem to mind, can't remember what product that was, was years ago. Never had an issue since.
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  5. shampoo, drops, and clean with Clorox, fleas can give tapeworm
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  6. I've tried our place Sweden ..Poland next is Germany I'm not going Estonia lol

    I suspect the chem used in collars was removed from the market
    perhaps the same as in Mozzie Dunks causing cancer

    I'll persist with neem oil and no way am I gonna bath this feral 'barn' cat
  7. Inserting random cat picture because cats are awesome. His name was trouble because he was a shit head. Than he slowly became the fat lazy smart ass Garfield type as he got older.

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  8. I use Frontline for Vader, the dopey buggers an indoors cat now that he's 17 turning 18 this year. But it seems the worlds Flea's are starting to become more resilient to the Frontline formula.

    I'd never use one of those collars...
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  9. Diatomaceous earth is flea powder. I bet they allow that and it works ok.
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  10. It’s always smart to listen to those who have the knowledge.

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  11. I don't have a cat. But, what works for my dachshund is coconut oil rubbed into his fur. For some reason the fleas jump right off. Not a long term fix though. We also use cloves soaked in a spray bottle with water. It kills the fleas in his bedding.You can also kill the ones on the cat with this spray.
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  12. And he must smell soooooo good:)...
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  13. Kind of like I'm on a tropical beach somewhere, far from snow and ice.:thumbsup:
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  14. Have to kill the source. The D Earth suggestion is what Id go with. Where it sleeps, and general area. Also food grade is good for internal worms/parasites
  15. IME the stuff from the vet is the only one that actually works..
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  16. Ive got 4 barn cats and we give them frontline plus
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  17. How often actually though? Because that would be like $45 a month if you follow the directions..

    I only do mine once or twice a year for 2-3 months and that kills any population off real good and they won't get them again for a long time.. It seems..
  18. i treat in spring time don’t have to other than that
  19. a cat smelling like Hawaai in my eastern Europe winter is what I need right now

    I put neem oil on her belly she flipped

    big hugs to her

    coco nut oil and neem could be a winner
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  20. I agree. I may try that this year on my 2. Coconut oil does work to prevent. Do yall get dawn dish soap? The blue original is pretty safe for animals. I use it they hate the soap bath but they all die. Soak lather and wait as long as you can like 5-10min for the soap to kill all the flees then rinse off. Youll see all the dead fleas. This is the fastest easist method that works for me. In the so this may not apply.

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