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  1. okay blades, i just wanted to share with you all the tale of my baller ass cat Ricky.

    Ricky was found in a dumpster by the humane society. His whole family was dead except for him. I was just a young lad when i wanted a pet, and i went to the shelter and was checking out the cats when i saw ricky. We made baller-ass eye contact and he rolled over on his kitten back and i knew that this mothafucka knew whats good.

    We got ricky and i went home and this guy would not stop following me. He cruises around the house and the second he sees me, he walks up and is like "wats good fool"

    Every night he cruises into my bed, whether or not i am there. He sleeps on the left bottom side and gets up to nudge me with his nose every morning when i wake up.

    Since i moved out, ricky is all hyped and shit when i get home. He runs down to me and the second i sit down he gets on my lap. One time, years ago, he accidently sliced my lip with his little kitten claw and immediately layed down next to my pre-pubescent self until i was ok.

    As i sit back at my family home where i grow up, Ricky is by my side. I never had a dog, nor did i have younger brothers so ricky is the closest thing ive ever had to having a little brother. My big sis and i were super close, but when she moved out, ricky filled the void.

    Whenever i was stressed with homework, in pain, emotionally bummed, or just plain chillen- Rickys been right here.

    Cheers to you ricky, love this cat.
  2. awww, sounds like an awesome cat.

    i need me a pet like that :l
  3. Brightened up my day, this. It's amazing how you have such a strong bond with an animal. :)
  4. Gotta love pets. I got my first dog in 3rd grade and shes still kickin it. I actually just got another puppy about two months ago as well. Its amazing what a bond they can form with you. My dogs read me like a book always know how to make things right and you can always expect them to be there for you. Thank God for furry friends, some of my realest ever!
  5. you've got a great cat sir. i dont like cats but i have met a few that i am fond of, i would def like your pussy haha
  6. All cats are manipulative assholes.

  7. My cats a little ass hole. She never comes to anyone and only likes getting pet if you go to where shes laying down. Even then she will run away after a few mins. I'm also pretty sure that little fucker hides the remote
  8. Having lived with several cats, I wouldn't say that ALL of them are assholes, just the majority of their population :rolleyes:

    :smoke: Also, this bowl's for Ricky:smoke:
  9. Lmao...Did a pussy offend you in some way...:confused:
    Take it easy man... Thats ur opinion and ur allowed to have it..
    But i believe the op is a kitty lover.. so maybe not the thread for you..

  10. I had a cat named Frank who was similar to this. He was a cat that acted like a dog. Also he would always jump on the screen to my window when I smoked pot:D
  11. Cats are smart, too smart. They'll rub on you, act like they care about you, but all they really want is food. They're smart and cunning creatures.

    Fucking assholes.
  12. hahaha yea fool. wanna hear the funniest thing though?

    my cat lovessss chopped and screwed rap music.
    i used to lean a bunch in high school, and i had a heady speaker system in my room and i used to bump some dj screw music

    ricky would cruise in- be like "sup fool" and chill right near the speakers

    yeah most cats are assholes but my cats are baller.

    i also have a fat cuddly seal cat named lucy
  13. your cat sounds real chill, these are my cats. They are real chill with me and like to just kick it, but they dont like eachother

    Heres a vid i made of them fighting

    [ame=]YouTube - kittys getting real down[/ame]
  14. THREAD REVIVAL! my cat is a straight up g

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