My Caribbean wood collection

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  1. I took a trip to the Caribbean a few months ago. I stopped at a ton of islands, and one of my goals was to get some cool wooden paraphernalia.

    I got this pipe in Curacao. It's a small dutch island in the southern Caribbean. It's often refereed to as a little Amsterdam. There's many colorful dutch style buildings, and honestly it was my favorite island. I picked up this little pipe for only 3$!
    v v v v v v v v

    This pipe came from Aruba. It had a nice stainless steel screen, but I lost that in the forest, smoking.. I gave a vendor, 10$ for the pipe and a I <3 Aruba shirt.
    v v v v v v v v

    This pipe came from an very old man I met on the beach. He was selling many hand crafted items. I bought a wood idol, an ash tray, and this pipe for 20$ It's an awfully big bowl, because I do believe it's for tobacco. I usually use it as a party bowl, and have a bunch of people match me on bud.

    v v v v v v v v
  2. Wow very cool! You should just travel the world collecting small wooden hand carved pipes hahah

    And I love how they all came from different places, yet all have faces on them! Is that an aspect you looked for when picking one out?
  3. I thought it was odd that they all happen to have faces! Hah.
  4. thats pretty cool man, im always on the lookout for a wooden that i actually like, these are kinda nice, and honestly a LOT better of a souvenir than a snow globe lol
  5. That's the style all over the West Indies. I used to have one I got in Dominica that was very similar to the above pics. I couldn't get over how solid and smooth it was, now I'm getting bummed that I lost it.
  6. Those are really awesome, man!
  7. They are all sick, especially the last one!
  8. I love wooden pieces! I like the second one the most :)

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