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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by mr puffer 420, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hello, fellow tokers.

    i have made the decision that i would like to major in philosophy in college. and eventually would want to become a philosophy professor in a high school. now, i realize that i should probably have another degree in something.. this is where im stuck. i have thought long and hard and have narrowed it down to a bachellors in either criminal justice or physics.. i just wanted to know if anyone has taken these courses and if so, how much is the workload? and is there any advantages to having a bachellors in criminal justice or physics along side the major PHD in philosophy? would it just be a waste of time... or what?
  2. I can't help you but wish you all the best man.
  3. Touche
  4. thanks, guys. and i think im gonna take criminal justice with philosophy. :)
  5. Psychology FTW.....just love the idea of what makes a person tick.
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    i was kinda thinking about that.. but i dont really think thats my kinda stuff. id like it too be.. but probably not.

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