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My car still "reeks"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Winged One, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Last night it was fucking cold, so me and a friend got in my parked car and hotboxed. After, I sprayed Ozium, waited, then rolled the windows down and left it overnight. This morning it still smelled so I sprayed more. Then I drove for a long time with the AC bringing in fresh air, intermitently opening the windows.

    It still smells. Ideas? Could it have gotten into the upholstery?
  2. Bullshit. There's weed in the car or something. Hot boxing doesn't leave a car smelling for too long if you air it out.

  3. It all depends on what kind of seats are in the car.
  4. Yeah, dude. If you're legitimately smelling weed, then there must be some weed or a piece somewhere in your car. If you aired it out overnight, the smell from a hotbox would've been gone already.
  5. How bad did you hotbox it? Whenever I smoke in my truck I always leave the window a little cracked and just blow all the smoke out. If you let smoke sit in there, it's going to stink forever. :smoke:
  6. If you smoked any Skunk related strains it's possible to still smell.
  7. Dude. That happens to me sometimes even after I spray ozium. Go buy one of those little tree car fresheners. The black ice one smells good. plus they're only a dollar.
  8. We were smoking sour d, and I'm certain there is nothing in the car.
  9. [quote name='"artic"']How bad did you hotbox it? Whenever I smoke in my truck I always leave the window a little cracked and just blow all the smoke out. If you let smoke sit in there, it's going to stink forever. :smoke:[/quote]

    thats not hotboxing....

  10. He never said he hotboxes....
  11. It also depends on how much stuff you have in your car. Is it a clean or relatively dirty car? The more stuff there is, the more things the smell can cling to.
  12. Drive down the highway with the windows down for atleast a couple minutes, its fixed even the worst of my hotboxes
  13. For those of you who actually think that your car doesn't smell after hotboxing, most likely you're used to the smell. Every time I've hotboxed, it smells for at least a couple of days afterward. Especially if you are an idiot and keep roaches in your ashtray.

    I basically stopped hotboxing because it's not worth it. It's much easier and cleaner to smoke outside. It's not worth getting pulled over two days later for it and getting harassed by the police.

    By the way, spay all the Ozium you want, it's better than nothing, but the intense odor will clearly show you're trying to hide something. Cops aren't that stupid...

  14. ehh yes and no.....i find it to smell less in cars with leather than cloth....but you can get rid of the smell in cloth if you leave the windows down when your smoke,.....and just get a air freshener. new car smell:)
  15. You should of had the air curculating in the car while smokeing and leave like a back window cracked. Prevents anything from sinking into the fabric. Get some fabric freshener and spray that then when you drive leave a window cracked and have the AC on right in the middle of hot and cold.
  16. Smoke a cigarette or two, windows closed. Then start trying to air it out again. I'd rather have my car smell like tobacco than mary.
  17. acually no i smoke in my truck everday and i have people in there that dont smoke who never say a word. plus ozium lasts for like 15 mins
  18. paranoid much? lol
  19. The man said he smoked Sour Diesel. If you have ever had the pleasure of smoking this sweet gift of the gods, then you know this shit right here is one of the most pungent, stanky, danky buds on the planet.

    If you have cloth interior, give that shit a Febreze bath and leave the windows cracked.

    Since most headliners are cloth, it retains the smell the most.

    Douche that shit!
  20. Just smoke a couple cigs or cigars in there. That'll easily mask the weed smell.

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