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My car smells very stong of weed. How can I get it out?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Platypus313, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. I smoke it my car a lot with the windows down.
    I have done it for at least a year and have never had problems.
    I spray febreez when I'm done at let it air out.

    But lately the smell has been staying and its really bad.
    I drive with my windows down to air it out.
    I spray it every day.....but nothing helps.

    What can I do?

    The only reason I care is my dad is gonna take my car to the shop next week from today and he doesn't know I smoke.
    So help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Stop smoking in your car for the week.
    Drive with all your windows all the way down. (What is the weather like where your from?)
    Leave drier sheets in your car overnight, in the pockets behind seets, on the floor, taped to the ceiling, whatever you can think of.
    Spray Fabreeze for fabrics (not the air stuff) on your ceiling and floor, and seats if its not leather.
    If you park indoors, leave your windows cracked open.
    Make popcorn and shake the bag around inside your car (hellzyea for dorm room coverups).

    This is all I can think of. I have never had the same problem so these are all kinda what I used indoors with some variations. Goodluck to you.
  3. Alright!
    Thanks for all the help man
  4. Easy, go to a smoke shop and look for a spray dealing with smoke. It'll cost you about 5-10 bucks for the spray, but it works very well.

    Sometimes I drive people that hate the smell of smoke, and 1 spray and they wouldn't even know I smoked cigs or weed in the car.
  5. The only way to get a real good fix and possibly save your ass if you get pulled over shell out the cash to rent a steamcleaner clean the shit out of your car one day in the morning then that night probably 50 bucks for the rental and maybe 10 more for cleaner and shit but its worth it
  6. #6 Vitamin 420, Feb 17, 2009
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    See if your local smoke shop has incense, and if they do, buy a couple sticks of your favorite flavor, and stick them in the vents of your car, and turn on the heat. It doesn't even have to be that high, just keep it at a comfortably warm temperature and it'll gradually settle in and cleanse any smell of pot. I used to do that in my car, and it worked so well. I ended up just keeping the incense hidden in corners of my car, so it always smelled good, and never of pot.

    Shit, you could even burn the damn incense in your car. Just get a super light flavor and give it a decent amount of ventilation; you don't want to hotbox your car with incense fumes. I bet that wouldn't smell so great the next day ;)
  7. yeah stop smoking in your car 2-3 days before he takes it in, and open up a couple of those pine trees you find at your local gas station they smell incredible!

  8. Ozium?

  9. just make sure no one drops the blunt/ashes on the seats and singes the leather (or worse, flat out burns a hole in it) :smoke:
  10. the best way is to use ozium.. it actuallly kills the sent and its in the car section at wally world
  11. Put the Heat or Air Condition on high
    Put dryer sheets in front of all the ducts
  12. spray febreeze everywhere.

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