My car...Good idea or Bad Idea?

Discussion in 'General' started by HypnoToad, May 3, 2004.


Should I mod my car to look like an undercover police car?

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  1. I'm thinking about modding my car to look exactly like an undercover police car or undercover FBI car.Good Idea or Bad Idea? lmao I of course plan to add performance parts and various miscellanous mods to bring it up to a respect HP output.Im even thinking about getting a dash light exactly like the ones used by undercover police/fbi cars. lmao

    Imagine the look on my friends faces when they see an all black car with tinted windows (same color as undercover cars windows) and a flashing dash police light roll up on them when theyre standing around outside or even just pulling up to their house with the lights on. ROFLMAO

    They used to use this type of car around here as undercover cars Im not sure if they still do or not but it still has that classic undercover look to the body.Although I didnt get ahold of the police model.The police model is better all around.
  2. It sounds like a neat idea, but I'm not entirely sure if that would be legal or not. You could possibly get busted for impersonating a police officer. Look into it more.

    But I do like the idea, it would be funny.
  3. I think its only impersonating a police officer if I identify my as Officer so and so....or if I would dress in a police uniform and act like one it'd also be impersonating an officer but Im still going to check into.I know that most specialty lights like strobes or neons and similar lights are legal as long as they arent on when you're driving on public roads.

    Not everything I do is legal anyways...the key is not getting caught. roflmao Like street racing ssshhhhh

    (rolls up) (flips the lights on and gets on the megaphone) "This is the Marijuana Police.You're under arrest for failure to smoke.You have the right to light up.Anything you smoke can and will be used to get you high at any moment.If you cannot afford to light up,weed will be provided for you.Do you understand your rights?"
  4. I'm pretty sure the only flashing dash light you can get away with legally is a blue one...only if you're a volunteer firefighter.

    But I really don't know for sure.

    LOL, but if you're going to do one illegal thing, you might as well do others if its all in the name of fun. (And no one gets hurt :D)
  5. Oh well I dont plan on doing it in front of cops and I also am not going to always have it in my car.That cuts some risks down.

    Yeah you're right I just checked. ANY flashing lights in any form are illegal in this state.

    Oh well what the police dont know wont hurt me. lmao

    In the name of fun...Everything is legal. ssshhhh lmao

    The only one with a chance of getting hurt is me.Luckily none of the people I know are prone to violence or owning guns. roflmao
  6. there's just one thing that might come along with the car mod's though...if you go through with it, get used to friends questioning you and people asking or saying your a narc.... people don't know and they talk to much.... it's just the way it is...
  7. Just make sure that the light is easily hidden just in case of being pulled over. You dont want that shit on your dash when a cop asks you for your license, registration and proof of insurance.
  8. Mustard,

    Yeah I found a police dash light that mounts via a big suction cup and plugs into the cigg. lighter that way Im able to just rip it off the dash and shove it into the glove box in a split second.The tint is on the heavy side yet still legal for road use in my state so they wont see me rip it off the dash or anything in my car period.So that saves me to a good point.

    In this state we dont need proof of insurance because insurance isnt required.Its optional.


    That's a possibility but all my friends know me way too well to ask me if I'm a narc.They know I'm not a narc.I've known some of these people since I was quite little and I've known most of them for a few years at least.None of my friends are paranoid either so I doubt they'll think anything is wrong.

    But as far as people not in my circle Im sure they will assume or think something like I'm a narc.I get questioned alot over other things like body mods,piercings etc...Im well used to questions by now lmao But frankly I really dont give a damn if people I dont know and dont give a damn about think I'm a narc or think something's up.That's their problem not Besides I do too crazy of stuff for people to think I'm a narc anyway. roflmao (and yes I know narcs are allowed to break some laws like ingesting illegal substances but Im sure their boss or whoever wouldnt let them do half the stuff I do.) lmao
  9. well, in my opinion, it'd be pretty sweet, but it's a bad idea. my brother in law has the exact car you're talking about. it's a used undercover police car, and he modded it to go wayy fucking fast. but people disrespect it like no other. a lot of people hate the police, so they key and egg his car all the time. you'd be surprised the type of shit they've done to his car.
  10. Wow.That really sucks.Something I'll have to take into consideration.
  11. saturday night someone played that prank on a party I was at. It was in a field and the guy came in going like 40 (when most people won't go over 2, really bumpy) with the lights and sirens flashing, scared the living fuck outta a drunk me, starting running and fell over my tent...

    and the point is, its a great idea because you can scare people away from their party and steal their booze! ;) :D

  12. Screw that!!!
    I'd rip apart an entire army of cops with my bare hands before they take my booze from me!!!
  13. around here they use white implas they always freak me out.
  14. or you could just get a vw campervan. lol

    mmm bed and fridge.

    honeslty theres nothing better(imo) its small enuf to use everyday and biggenuf to sleep in and take a fridgefull of beers with you :D

    or you cud do the cop car thing


    *calp* *clap* *clap*
  15. I dunno man. A couple kids around here have old cop cars, with the those spotlights next to the side-mirrors, that they bought from police auctions and whatnot. One of them has a blue one and it looks pretty authentic, except for his license plate. Another kid bought a white one, but put skateboarding stickers all over the doors.

    But if anybody ever pulled up on me, just to screw with me, while I was partaking in anything illegal..... let's just say I'd have to introduce their face to my trusty baseball bat.....
  16. Do it.

    One kid pulled up on me and a few kids in a black car at night with tinted windows, and he had his headlights set so they blinked on and off but alternating left and right. scared us shitless for a minute.

  17. those dam impalas can get you goin quick

  18. holy shit, i thought insurance was required everywhere... that must be nice... its BS what they charge for insurance if your under 25... ive never been in an accident or even gotten a ticket and im still payin abit over 200 a month... fuck i hate insurance companys... they rob you blind and as soon as your in an accident they kick yer ass to the curb, or triple your payments (about 3 months back a freind of mine rear ended a POS 80s chevy pickup, caused $300 in damage, and is now paying $550 a month to insure 1 car) i'd like to meet with some of the people incharge of these companys and give 'em afew choice words.
  19. is your car a ford crown victoria or a chevy impalla?

    if its not then that would be stupid to mod it into a police car esp if its like a camery or something they would never use for a cop car.

    i only would be fooled if it were a crown vic or an impalla.

    you would also need a search light and maybe some antennas on the trunk to look truely official not to mention excempt police plates
  20. i did it to my crown vic, used 00 window tinting so its like night time inside the car, i also took the hubcaps off put a couple antennas on the back, and got a police interceptor emblem off ebay, also put a scanner in it so i know whats going on. anyways i love it because i can pull off to a dark parkinglot and the pope's just sit in the other corner...its like this undercovers all all over, i know everyone's seen em, so if u look like one of them nobody else but u will know u not for real, even the cops, they'll just think u an undercover doing paper work real late in a parking lot...when really u are blazin...prolly the safest ride to cruise and blaze in...

    btw that took like forever to write, and im blazed as fuck

    o we used to fuck with people all the time, u know pull up behind em, did that to some people fucking down by the river...then i felt bad afterwards so i dont fuck with folks no more...but i like to sit in the median sideways and blaze...people think im radaring, and its also funny to point a hairdryer at them out the window...u should see em hit the brakes...but thats not really...whoa wait...o aight, thats not really fucking with folks in a harmful way...o yea blaze awn!

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