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  1. So today I smoked a blunt with 3 friends had a crazy fun ass nigh partying it up and come home remembering I need to type an essay so what do I do?
    I pull out the Brandy and hit the sauce and the keyboard. Ive been typing this for 1-2 hours and right now I am high and tipsy. I'm surprised I was able to write and essay this good but I hope you guys like it. I'm turning it in tomorrow as a persuasive essay. Lets see what the teach saids.
    time to polish off my brandy and hit the sack.

    Legalizing Marijuana

    \tWhat if an illegal but widely used drug had many uses for us today? Well Cannabis or Marijuana as it is better known can fulfill many uses for everyday things and can help revolutionize the world. Marijuana has medicinal value, can stop deforestation by using hemp fibers to make paper instead of trees and has many everyday uses starting from clothing to fuel to food.

    \tThe THC and cannabinoids in marijuana provide many uses for all kinds of ailments and sicknesses ranging from cancer to insomnia. Now Cannabis, the main bud or flower of the marijuana plant which is smoked or ingested, cannot cure cancer or things such as insomnia but it can help people cope with cancer or pain such as pinched nerves or rolled discs and can help you go to sleep by making you tired. wrote an article in 2007 stating that the active ingredients in Marijuana can cut the growth of a lung cancer tumor in half and significantly reduces the ability for the cancer to spread. Cannabis can even help people with epilepsy, cannabis has anti-convulsant properties and when patients are on it they experience little to no seizures. Marijuana has even been know to help asthma patients an Dr.Donald Tashkin stated that "Taking a hit of Marijuana has been known to stop a full on asthma attack" but out of the 16Million asthma sufferers only the ones who live in California, Arizona, and Nevada are able to use cannabis with a doctors prescription to treat their asthma even though it is the most effective treatment for them.

    \tThe Legalization of the Cannabis plant can help our environment by slowing global warming and by stopping deforestation altogether. The Hemp plant is the Marijuana plant minus the bud or flower which is smoked or ingested, this part of the cannabis plant can be used to make paper that is cheaper to make, is more durable and last longer than paper made from trees without yellowing. The Declaration of Independence is written on hemp paper and to this day it is not yellowed. Hemp can make a drastic change in the fight against global warming by using the plant to make bio-diesel which is most effective when made from the hemp plant. Bio-diesel is cleaner and greatly reduces harmful emissions into the earths atmosphere, this could mean no more acid rains and cleaner air which will in turn help everyone live longer and healthier.

    \tHemp has many more uses other than medicine and bio-diesel. It is longer, stronger, more resistant and helps block the suns UV rays better than other fabrics. Hemp can be used to make better clothing, has many basic Amino Acids and proteins that humans naturally need if eaten, and can be used in construction to make a cement-like compound that is waterproof and fireproof. Marijuana is also a very safe alternative to alcohol and cigarettes since the high is less hard than that of alcohol which makes you pass out and have memory loss, marijuana smoke also does not cause lung cancer or lower the immune system and can be smoked instead of cigarettes. Patients in anorexia clinics are sometimes made to smoke marijuana since it induces hunger.

    \tMost people say that Marijuana is addictive or very unhealthy or even makes you lazy and useless to society. This is not true, Marijuana is proven to be less addictive than coffee and doesn't give you withdrawals. Marijuana also slows down cancer and tumor growth and many great minds that are highly esteemed today smoke Marijuana. Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying "Some of my finest hours have been spent on my back veranda, smoking hemp and observing as far as the eye can see" even CNN Founder Ted Turner smokes cannabis as well as Steve Jobs the CEO behind Apple Computers Inc.

    \tMarijuana is a very useful pant. It can be made into fuel and clothes be used as food and can even replace alcohol and cigarettes. In many ways cannabis can be used to keep us healthier and happier throughout our life. I believe that Cannabis
    should be legalized and also taxed greatly so that it can also help improve the economy among many of its other benefits and uses.
  2. pretty good. ive heard it all before but a good read
  3. I'm hoping you have a works cited page. For a persuasive essay, I'm going to be honest and tell you that it is not very persuasive to someone who is against cannabis. Anti-marijuana advocates are very very much against the "negative social implications" of smoking cannabis, which you hardly mentioned at all except for the below excerpt.

    "Most people say that Marijuana is addictive or very unhealthy or even makes you lazy and useless to society. This is not true, Marijuana is proven to be less addictive than coffee and doesn't give you withdrawals."

    That's the closest you get to touching on the subject and it wasn't a very strong point. You could've elaborated a lot more on it. There is SO much literature on cannabis that you can write on and on for pages and pages. But anyways, hope you did well on your essay.
  4. yea u need citations, if ur evidence is not from a legit source then it is considered crap.... websites that use .gov or .edu are legit.... but im guessin ur in highskool so u dont need intext citations...hmmm :confused:
  5. Never write about mary-jane for any school essay. No matter how cool a teacher can be they could be a closet anti-smoker, and fail you. It is not worth the chance. Some teachers will fail you just cause weed is illegal.

    PS you need to site your sources, and have more then just websites.
    PPS never site wiki.
  6. No's not that great. I could edit it for you to make it better but I'm not going to be a dick. Not BAD, I liked that the CEO of Apple smokes weed but you were probably high and just thought that your paper was
  7. yah its not the best but I was pretty tipsy and high at the same time.
    I'm gettin an A for sure tho I know my teacher she'll be like this is a great essay. I'll let you guys know tho she'll grade it today.
  8. What year of school are you in?

    That would be a total failure at the University I attended. It's not academic in the least.
  9. you jump around to much in my eyes needs work.. id give it a 65-70
  10. no shit it needs work.
    I'm trying to pass my high school class not actually convince people and plus I was high and tipsy.
    this is better than most people can do in my school.

    il show you my grade todaywhen I get it.

  11. What grade are you in?
  12. What grade are you in?
  13. ^ Not to flame, but I don't see why you wouldn't want to actually convince people that Marijuana is no where near as bad as what the government says. Shit. You should have just wrote about puppies and lollipops—everyone loves those two things.

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