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My Cannabis dealers suspicious of me....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by flyhighsociety, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. I had some good "weed" for about a year now and the longest drought my dealer ever had was about a 4 days about every so many weeks...Its been 3 weeks now and he says he still didnt get a re round told me that he picked up some yesterday though..,,,,

    I really think he's suspicious of me for some reason because when we 1st met, he question me for about a damn hour talking bout how I found him eventually telling him that I was connected via my boy...

    Why cannabis dealers act like they the shit to the they don't need you; you need them type shit...A crack, heroin dealer are currently looking for clientele and they don't have no set hour shit or knock on the door in this rhythm...

    Crack dealers are there serving fiends, hitting them up on their phone asking when you gone come thru... Jet World Order in stores...........
  2. mabey if you didnt take an hour to tell him how you found out about him. susspition is a two way street.

    best advice alternate dealers so you can have a fall back guy. if its too hard to find in your area, feelsbadman.jpg
  3. Jetlife, but I never find dealers like this.
  4. just enjoy this shit yo. Quit stressin mayne.
  5. lol because for the most part you do need them. it's weed not crack everyone smokes weed very few smoke crack. he doesn't want to get arrested if that means not dealing to someone he's not comfortable with he's not going to.

    which is the exact reason i treat my dealers like friends. smoke with them chill for a bit talk ya know. they are just people too they just have a different style.
  6. Never really have this problem, just try good communication skizzles
  7. if you didn't need him, you would buy off someone who isnt such a dick. if he needed you, he wouldnt be a dick. he probably has customers who buy so much more than you that he wouldnt mind a little less work if youre only a small chunk of his profits. therefore, he is going to be able to act like a dick to you, while you have no choice but to accept it. in exchange, you are enjoying a connection which you wouldn't otherwise have. so it all evens out in the end man.
    if you only have 1 good connect, you have to accept that they can be a dick to you. but realize that theyre seriously helpin you out- if you didnt have them you wouldnt have as much access to bud. when i was a freshman my dealer ripped me off once and i still bought off him, because even considering that he was a resource from which i benefited greatly overall. you kind of have to suck it up or stop buying from him. i did it for years until i had a solid list of connects.
  8. Why the fuck did it take you an hour to tell him that your boy connected you to him? Did you not just tell him that straight up? You're probably just a tad bit sketchy bro.. Ease up.
  9. ...Dude dealers are always going to be spooked, no matter what they are selling. Each drug carries either a fucking gorgeous fine, or an adventure for your asshole in jail (if your into that). Me being a buyer i am still spoked out, but a dealer should be even more shook...He takes the risk.

    Maybe one of your friends said that you were acting funny, or the cops were on your ass...understand what it is to be in his condition and in the time you're doing that look for another connect.
  10. You've been picking up from him for a year, that should build some trust...

    Maybe your friend picked up his last sac?
  11. An hour? I would have walked away after 5 minutes.
  12. you should just have your friend get it from him...

    hes sketched out because he is a drug dealer. he has every right to be freaked out by new people he sells to, why wouldn't he be? if you were in his shoes i'm sure you would be doing the same thing. :smoke:

    you just gotta accept it. and find a way to change it if you want..
    maybe you and your friend could go chill and smoke with him sometime so you guys can somewhat know eachother and lessen sketch / awkwardness

    or just find a new dealer

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