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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by bubonicplague, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. Hello

    i have a cab thats

    28" long x 12" wide x 28" tall

    doing a cfl soil grow with feminized great white shark seeds

    i was thinking i could fit 2 plants in this cab

    veg them to about 4"-6" then flower

    just looking for feedback

    what you all think of this?

    -- the bubonic plague
  2. it seems like you have the old "grow to 1/3 of desired final height, then flower"... it works well but when doing cabnet growing ... i dont know i guess its all just opinion... if you tie down the living shit outa your plant you can make a massive plant in just one small space...

    plus if you wanted I'm sure you could fill the entire horrizontal space with one properly tied down female....

    but then again thats just my opinion... I love tying them down :D
  3. yeah i just want to keep it simple with this, as it is my first grow

    though can i top it at 4" and then later at 6"

    then flower a day after topping?
  4. anymore comments?

    will be using 6 23w (actual wattage) cfls
  5. i would give it some time to recover from the topping before flowering. Use your judgment when it looks like it has recovered then start flower.
  6. Ok so after some thought and other opinions
    i have decided to make it myself
    with a little help from a friend

    The dimensions are as follows

    2' 6" wide x 1'8" deep x 3' 10" tall

    will be painting the inside white and prolly covering it in mylar

    going to make it stealthy also

    going to be growing 3 plants and using about 184 actual watts of Cfls

    is two 120 mm computer fans at the top of it with passive intake at the bottom going to be enough ventilation?

    how does this sound to you all?
  7. can anyone confirm that the light is sufficient for 3 plants?
  8. Hey, well that doesn't sound like enough ventilation to me, however I'm no expert. I just built a box of my own and its close to your size, mainly taller. I started with a 5" duct style inline fan and it didn't do very well. I had to upgrade to a bigger vortex type fan, too much now. :) I recommend only 1 good outgoing fan at top with passive intake at bottom. If you seal your box somewhat you'll get negative pressure and air will flow through nice. If you're considering adding a carbon filter later make sure you get a good fan. With that first inline I had no air would move through it once I added the carbon filter, with the new fan it will hold paper to the filter. The first fan was rated at 250cfm or so and the second around 165cfm, so those numbers don't mean a whole lot, its the design of the fan that matters. Computer type fans are useless for sucking air, just blow it around a bit.

    Your lightening doesn't sound good enough for 3 plants, I think you would need more once they got bigger, again I've never actually grown yet, just passing on what I've been reading. I also don't think you'll have room for 3 plants, unless you squish them together. My plan was to have 3 in my box, I just transplanted into 2 gallon pots and I can hardly get 3 in there if I wanted to, lucky only 2 sprouted. 3 would fit if I staggered them I suppose.

    Well hope this helps a bit, here's a link to my grow box, it might give you some ideas, you can see both fan type on there.

    Good luck and happy growing!! :smoke:

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