My Cab So Far (With Pics)

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by bobtheslob, May 4, 2011.

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    Hi GC'ers,

    Here are some pics of my cab so far - I would welcome thoughts / comments :)

    Dimension are 70cm x 60cm x 30cm / 125W CFL red / 120mm PC fan exhaust.

    I need to drill 4 more holes in the base tonight to eliminate the excessive heat as tested yesterday and was running at 32C with the door closed :( - I am hopeful the additional intake holes will fix this....

  2. Great success the heat issue has now been resolved so I am now on to to the final DIY phase - Carbon filter :)

    Once this is done I am good to go oh yeah.....

    Oh I almost forgot I also need to glue the elbows in place as a light trap and fix a couple of leaks in the door.


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  3. ehh the cab blows, youll grow enough weed in there for a small child not a man
  4. Thanks for the constructive comment :) - I am only gonna be growing auto's initially then some other with scrog / LST.

    Dude why post such a comment in a micro grow section ????
  5. micro effort, micro ability, micro potential, micro, mibro
  6. Well well well why surf this section of the site then ???? :eek:
  7. Looks sweet man. Probably get more out of that then some people have ever smoked ^ pwahahaha
  8. small child grow bro, i wipe my butt on you
  9. Nice one buddy - I appreciate the post.

    I dunno why someone surfs a micro section then critiques peoples efforts....
  10. How long do you usually wait before you wipe? Week? Month?
  11. Wipe ? What after a dump ?
  12. Don't worry just re-read the previous post DUH !!!
  13. ur cab resembels your dick, its micro while ill be with your girl with fat colas and shell suck me dry
  14. People like amuse me SO much - What is an excellent site with great ideas and content and now a mindless idiot to entertain me too - Hooray for GC :hello:
  15. bob the slob = micro man, your a slob for a reason bob, you mircro pos
  16. Your !!!!! Don't you mean you're ???

    Keep posting I can hardly breathe with laughter....
  17. So here it is 1/2 way there to a carbon filter :)

    I couldn't find any duct caps easily so it came to me today why not make some so I did :)


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  18. Good deal man...curious to see how everything flows once that filter is on. Please let us know; need to add one to mine eventually too.
  19. Me too mate last time i checked it without the filter it was 80F with the light on for half an hour if it restricts the flow too much then i have another 12cm fan and PSU to add :)

    I also have a 65w blue light to add so my plan is to prob add the other fan anyway and use a 4cm fan mounted somewhere pointed at the lights to promote air flow around the cfls - if it gets too hot i will just switch between the 2 lights :D

    All in all this has been a right mission so i really hope it is worth it !!!

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