My butthurt thread about being too sick to make it to the Toronto weed march...

Discussion in 'General' started by The Ching of Comedy, May 8, 2016.

  1. Yeah. What the thread says. Had to sit this one out. I could state a self righteous reason and say that I didn't want to be the asshole that showed up to a pot march sick and spread my cold to a shitload of pot smokers. Or the honest pussy reason, that I couldn't tough out this cold for the march.

    Anyways, any Torontonians here who went to the march? How was it?

    My favorite observation about previous pot marches, they're the most polite marches by far. The word that is said at these marches more than any other word in the english language at these marches is, "Sorry", and it's always for very lightly bumping into you. There's probably more apologies at a pot march than any other event I can think of. I feel a sense of pride about this. If there was an alcohol march, things would be veeery very different.

    That's all. This thread was completely pointless, but I'm sick and bored at home. How you guys doing?
  2. I thought canadians being that polite was just a meme, but you really say sorry for every little thing?
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  3. I'd say it was just moreso for the pot march. I really don't know that Canada is really a more polite country than others. There's a lot of dicks anywhere you go. It's a stereotype that's hard to prove, but yes the pot march in particular is the politest gathering I can think of. No one was apologizing during the zombie march for example, but that would be really shitty to break character to apologize.
  4. I'd change that word to 'Fucker' in a heartbeat.:coolalt:

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