my bush is budding i need help

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by stoned bush, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. help my plant has started to bud has a lot of white hairs and doing well but a few things im not sure ????

    how long should i let this process go and how much lite is it meant to get when in bud had 6 on the go and this 1 is the only female :-( but at least we got 1 eh

    also have a male thats been going since may ha it wont stop growing gonna use it as a xmas tree hehe it was 6ft tall but i dropped the lite on it few weeks ago and broke 3ft in 1 swing
    been using it for cloning but only discovered lastweek it was a male both plants r separate incase the decide to have sex ha

    so far these r my best attempts at growing from home and all done by windowsill lite and a 200watt normal lite bulb

    really just experimenting at the moment but must be doing something rite

    any help would be great as plan to get some lites and stuff soon
    cheers guys and
    keep mellow
  2. keep the female seperate from the long as she doesn't get pollinated........she should give you a good yield.......any info you need try the link under my sig..........Peace out............Sid
  3. heres a pic of the big yin just b 4 i droped the lite and broke 3 ft from the top :-(
    it would have been touching the ceiling by know
    this thing has been on the go since end of march this year and dont wanna stop growing unfortunatly its a male

    anyway great site guys plenty of ideas and tips for getting ur fingers greener
    have a mellow xmas and wikd new year tnx

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  4. more pics of my crops ha

    first is the female in budding its a dwarf size and its been going as long as the big male but been topped by accident more than once by too many parties

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  5. the big male as it stands tonite bigger n bushier but still a male

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  6. heres wot the female lookslike just about 2 weeks into budding
  7. look at the little white hairs

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  8. a nuther of the budding bush

    now at this point of two weeks of budding whats the best routine for giving lite????

    i just changed 2 a 20w flourecnt bulb the energy savers type
    plant seems to like it ive noticed it in just a few hours of being on this site reading and checking things
    lite is very close to top leaf but not warm so it wont burn i hope
    been giving it about 12/10 12/8 hours

    should i leave in dark for a little longer periods?????
    thanks guys and hope my pics can give the newcomer an idea of wot to look for

    happy growing happier smokin
  9. 12/12 for flowering stage..

    try to get a stronger flourencent light bulb too add...latezz..
  10. yeah, your gonna want abit more light than that to bud with, or else your yeild is gonna suffer, and the flowers will be very loose...

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