My buds have white spots after curing on jar. Is it gone?

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  1. I have a northern lights strain curing in a jar. Left them 5 days to dry. It seemed dry enough. But after I left it at the jar some white spots seemed to appear. My other strain (amnesia) dryed the same time and it’s ok. It’s my second grow and I don’t know wether I should throw my yield away. Any help would be appreciated [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. looks like formating mold
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  3. Mold dude. Throw that shit away.
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  4. did you open the jar 15minuets every day for the first week? got to do that helps prevent mold, after that first week you can seal for as long as you want. i've never had mold develop after that first week of breathing anyways. and some of mine sit for nearly a year.
  5. Decarb, make a tincture with 190 proof Everclear, reduce to RSO.
  6. Ohhh shit, won't smoke it. But can it still be used in other ways?
  7. Not for 15 minutes but, yes, everyday. The weird part is that the amnesia is perfectly fine. The NL one even has a funky smell.
  8. Is there a more in depth guide?
  9. you probably pulled from drying a bit too early and put them up a little moist in the middle. not allowing efficient breathing time and air circulation would be my guess. the amnesia doing fine doesnt really seem weird being different strains different densities one would dry a tad quicker. i would do as suggested as make into tincture good time to purchase a magical butter machine lol. i even rotate my buds when i let them breath for the 15 minuets and inspect them for any bullshit. worst feeling in the world after 4 months of labor to end up with a crapper. been there done that
  10. Yeees, I've growing them for so long :( haha. Thanks for the advice. I'll probably end up making butter with it haha
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  11. Decarb at 240 degrees for 40 minutes

    More tincture info here than in my brain:
    Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it

    RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) is what's left of a tincture after all the alcohol is evaporated off.
  12. its easy just make sure the bud is nice and toasty before removing from the oven but not burnt, depending on elevation and oven, temp and time may vary a small amount.

    do what he said tho until you get the hang of it thats a good base to go by. youll either be good or not decarbed enough you wont ruin your stash with 240 @ 40min
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