my buddy got arrested

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  1. Just like 2 hours ago my buddy and I were heading back from a peaceful trip to Florida to visit some headshops at the beach. ANyways we got a nice hookah pipe and were headed back and we smoked like a tiny bowl as soon as we left the beach, and it's an hour and half drive, had the windows down the whole way so I know there was no smell. We were pulling back into town and my buddy was hungry so he was gonna grab a burger from the burger king right next to the road. The BK was closed so we started to turn around and saw a cop at a red light and decided to pull up behind him to go to the grocery store across the street. The fucking cop takes the light and pulls into the BK parkin lot and follows us across the highway to the grocery store and rode our ass for a sec and then lit us up. So we're pulled over and I didn't see what my buddy did with the little sack he brought, I warned him before not to bring any, and the brand new pipe we used like right outside the beach. The cop then knocked on my buddy's window and asked for his liscence. The cop looked at his liscence and asked him to step outta the car and my buddy was standing behind the car and I figured he was just questioning him but then I heard the cuffs clicking and I was like "oh fuck" then the passenger cop came to my door and asked me to step out and he cuffed me but i wasn't under arrest. The asked if I had any weapons and I told him about the pocket knife in my left pocket and he got it....then he kept searching my buddy and found the new hand pipe we bought, which as I said we used like an hour and half ago, and got him for paraphenalia, not to mention the sack of weed he had, like I already mentioned I don't know where the sack was. But the cop by me asked if I had a pipe or any paraphenalia on me and I told him my new pipe in my left pocket, unused. He pulled it out and looked at it, set it on the hood, and found my pack of salvia that I had just bought. The cop by me was interested in it too....he was a rookie...he had feelings. Anyways, so they tell me I'm good to go, ran my liscence before hand and had nothing on me. I call my friend and get her to take me home and then I got home and called the jail and they said his bond was $500....does that mean I have to get a Bondsman to pay or can I do it by myself?

    The fucked up part was the cop had NO probable cause....he couldn't smell anything, see anything, nothing was visible. I think he can get the charges dropped cuz there was no probable cause....what you guys think?
  2. fucking cops
  3. you can pay by yourself if you got 500, you only need a bondsman to finance it...yea a good lawyer will get that thrown out
  4. Does it matter that the cop didn't read my buddy his rights when they arrested him.
  5. Damn dude he fucked up a perfectly good day.
  6. If theres that many sketchy things about the situation, a lawyer would almost definatley get that thrown out. Just make sure he gets a lawyer, it will be a lot cheaper in the long run gauranteed.
  7. You can go to the courthouse and take care of the bond yourself, and that's the best way to do it. As long as your friend shows up for his court appearance, you'll get your money back. If you go through a bondsman, you'll put up 10% of the bond ($50) and the bondsman will put up the rest. If you go that route, you won't be getting your money back. If your friend doesn't show up in court, the bondsman will be after your ass for the remaining $450.

    If you've got the money, bail him out yourself. :cool:
  8. '

    Im pretty sure thats a big deal. Get a lawyer ASAP. BTW What beach where you at Daytona?
  9. Nah....Panama City and my buddy got bailed out this morning by his mom....but yea I talked to him and he said they're definitely gonna fight it. They got some money so they can get a good lawyer.
  10. Any lawyer should exploit the cops mistakes, because obviously there was a few of them. good luck to him.
  11. Its one of your constitutional rights to have your rights read. If someone isnt read there rights they let them go, no matter how hard the crime that was commited. This will be the biggest thing helping your buddy.

  12. Even better....but all I gotta say is we better get our damn $130 hookah back. That thing was fucking pimp!
  13. yeah unless that had weed resin in your hookah you should get it back, which is why i am doubting you will get it back
  14. We had just bought it....brand new...was still in the bubble wrap.
  15. So you consented to search....good move.
  16. damn then you better try and get that back

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