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Discussion in 'General' started by DirtyPete, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Haha my friend just sent this link to me. It's him and his friend at his house and he's just beating the shit out of the kid. Funny as hell, it's even funnier if you know the kids.

    Keep in mind this wasn't the most serious fight, so if it seems pussy its because they are friends and just drunk as fuck.
  2. wheres the link?
  3. My bad, I just edited the link in.
  4. lol the guy in the red is a fuckin pussy. He just lyed there and took a beating
  5. Your friend must watch MMA

    Rep + :hello:
  7. Haha, that guy in red was beat to shit. Funniest thing i've seen in awile.
  8. The red guy just takes it:rolleyes:

  9. the red guy let the other guy beat him up, i think the red guy coudl of wooped his ass easy
  10. It was alright I'll post a better one though.
  11. That was funny, but i think the red dude would own that other guy, cus it looked like the other dude was wailing on him and the red dude was laughing his ass off...i think lol...yeah but that vid was funny bro
  12. i thought it was funny as shit how this dudes beatin on his friend and the camera mans like " yea, thats it" lol idk maybe cause im all pilled up but i thought it was funny, but the kid in the red didnt even flinch in pain when he was gettin hit, but i liked the kidney shots at the end:hippie: :bolt:
  13. Haha, and people say violence is bad. Drunken fights with your friends are pretty fun if you ask me =D
  14. Boys are dumb,throw rocks at them.
  15. lmfao im sober and laughing hard... that was funny as hell
  16. lolzzz own3d!!1!!o1one!!1
  17. ahaha funny stuff man
  18. #20 fights like a girl.
    And the other guy, He plays the skin flute.:hello:

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