My bud keeps growing on the top?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by smonky, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. So yea, my bud keeps on growing -_-

    tip top of my cola keeps growing new buds. and white pistols :\ should i harvest it with the rest? or wait til it starts browning? how should i harvest when the rest of my plant is pretty much going to be done soon. i actually could harvest it now for the head high :\. the top seems to be all white pistils.

    you can see the growth on the sides popping out o.o
    *oh yea, the inside pistils are brown.


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  2. Wait. Are you really serious. If it's still growing way cut it now?
  3. is it supposed to stop growing when its ready? lol. i guess this one is different from my other two plants. they didnt do this. this plant is also 4 weeks longer :\ so weird.
  4. Dude most strains have different phenos, that looks like it needs at least 2 if not 3 weeks. Wait til the pistils start receeding and when your thrichomes start changing from cloudy to amber.

    Hope that helps

    But in all seriousness why would you want to chop that if its still growing? That means more bud for you!
  5. cfl. and i like the head high. not the couchlock. butlike i said. everything under the tip top cola is ready for harvest. :\
  6. Sounds like your plant may be reverting to its vegetative stage. Has there been any interuption of the plants 12 hour light cycle? Light leaks possibly? I am a noob myself, but have read a bit about the subject.
  7. Hey man some strains continue to grow white pistils all the way til harvest, I'd give it another 10 days and then chop
  8. lol ty guys but too late, just harvested an hour ago. buds look good
  9. dude, that bud in the pic has such a long way to go its not even funny. i was going to say i have the same situation, but my cola is actually filled out and has SOME orange hairs, and instead of seemingly concentrating on changing hair colors it keeps pushing out new growth. While my other plants are basically finished and just changing color now.

    but yeah you live and learn. after that thing dries its gonna be barely a bowl pack. lol. that thing would have doubled in size at least. something up there.
  10. itll give me a good enough amount. but like i said. its only the tip top thats pure white. the rest were where i usually harvest. first grow, second harvest. so yea lol.

    i didnt want to wait btw, starting new batch. :\
  11. Yeah I'm in a situation like that, I have 8 ice that need to go in flower but I still need like 2 weeks at LEAST for flowering girls
  12. I didn't know it was an indoor grow. Sorry I just assumed outdoor.
  13. its ok o.o

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