my bubbler???

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by nunz2, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. what ever happened to my bubbler. you guys said it would be shipped in a few weeks and it has been a month. I really want to smoke. if i knewit was gonna take this long i wouldnt have ordered it. please respond, i want that shit soon.
  2. The General Feedback forum is mostly for the forums but I will alert SJ to your concerns. If you haven't, go to the support page or email Just make sure you give them all of your information.
  3. If they told you it would be shipped in a few weeks, a month isn't that long.. just 4 weeks..

    Be patient and send your info to the support group.. someone will get back to you..
  4. well when i ordered it i didnt no it was gonna be backordered. they could have told me this. if i would have known this i would have gotten it at a shop. i was just happy with my piece i got here last time i wanted to get there again. it was fast and arrived on time. i dont wnat to fucking w8 a month for shit i already payed for. expecially shit for herbs

  5. I need an order number, i can't help you without it


  6. just wanted everyone to no it has been shipped. ill let everyone no when it comes. peace out fellow tokers
  7. i just check the status of my order throguh usps and it says Your item was undeliverable as addressed at 12:18 pm on November 22, 2003 in POMONA, NY 10970. It is being returned if appropriate information is available.
    wtf does this mean
  8. they shipped the bubbler back to you guys. fucking usps. i want my bubbler. please pm me someone
  9. I PM'd SuperJoint about your problem. Expect a pm or a post here from him shortly.

  10. Damn it!!!

    What's up with this, we ship it on time and why don't people get their packages at the post office??

    We will ship your order again, once it returns to us, but remember you have to sign for acceptance and get your package if you are not at home, sorry to sound harsh, but that is not our reponsibility! We always go the extra jile for our custumors, but remeber that this kind of action costs me money also! I hope you will understand



  11. Yeah, the postal office leaves a note to pick it up at the postal office, but of you dob't do that after two weeks it gets shipped back, it's standard procedure.

    We ship, you make sure you get your order pciked up or receive it at your door ;-)


  12. wtf somehow the bubbler came back to me, but it came broken. now wat do i fucking do. this is unbelievable. i cant believe u guys. it only took like 2 months to get a bubbler

  13. e will ship you a new one off course, answered you via PM with details.

    Unbelievable bad luck, I'm sorry about it, but it can happen and we will make it right, as always!

  14. thxs for sending me a new one, but when am i gonna get it. i already w8ed so long for the first one. dont tell me its gonna take that long for the second
  15. geez smoke a joint and relax!!! :smoke:
  16. Try a godfather, chill hoss

  17. I imagine he's chilled quite a bit by now. He made that last post on 12-07-2003, 11:33 AM. ;)
  18. LOL... wow that just made my day!
  19. Ill smoke to that :-D

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