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  1. Okay, so I bought this mini-bong-looking thing for $15 from a store with a small "smoke shop" collection within it. And I'm told it's a "Bubbler."
    I smoked out of it a couple times, and it was REALLY smoothe... a little too much actually. I had to pull REALLY HARD (just look how small the tubing is) to make it a more "harsh" hit. But I guess the point of the bubbler (or the water actually) is to make it not too harsh, eh?
    But if I'm not coughing, I just don't feel like I'm getting high!

    I guess I was expecting more of a "bong like" experience with it. But I didn't get that blazed with it. Now I'm debating if I should try it again (for like only the 3rd time) with some good hydro I have. Or would this method not be best for my BEST stuff?
    Anybody else have a bubbler like this one? The only ones I've seen on here look like glass bowls with an extra bowl below it for water I guess. I started to wonder if what I have was indeed considered a "bubbler" for a minute. But that's what my brother and sis-in-law called 'em, and it DOES bubble!

  2. its a converted bottle bong atleast thats whats its called in my area and yeah it doesnt hit nice because to be honest you get what you paid for and its not smooth thats drag meaning its harder to pull smoke/air threw
    if you like it have fun with it but as far as glas goes i would suggest getting a nice little spoon for like $20 bux or a little mini bubbler for not muc more both of those will help you enjoy our finest bud
  3. You KINDA got played. I say kinda, because someone, based on personal opinion, might call that a bubbler. But, they probably weren't trying to mislead you if they didn't have a full headshop. They just didn't know their stuff. A bubbler is (by standard definition) exactly what you saw in the GC shop: a bowl with a small place for water. What you got is a bottle bong. There is nothin' wrong with it as long as you like it, but next time go to a headshop, or buy online.

    BTW, how much did you pay for that?

  4. 15 dollars... so for that price you can pick up a decent spoon, and for double that you can pick up a real bubbler.
  5. Well, does anybody see anything wrong with this device, or why it shouldn't work decent (other than not being able to take big hits without making it LOOOOOOONG)?

    That cork on the bottle holds nice and tight. No leakage (of water OR smoke). And the bowl screws into the cork, where the plastic tube leads from the metal bowl (with a screen) and goes right into the water at the bottom of the bottle. Then the other plastic tube hangs way out of the cork, to allow you to hold it away & light it while you hit it, and the other end sticks JUST into the bottle past the cork.

    What about using it without water in it??? What's the diff?
  6. ive had one of those before, not the same, but the same cork dealy... the hose you inhale through will clog with rez and if you dont clean it you will likely suck in some taaastey rez.. and another downside is if you clean it alot and remove the bowl and hose from the cork, the cork will wear down and break, but the always hit soooo smooth with water
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    I want to know how much Peacebaby paid. I mean, did you get ripped off? Like I said before, if you dig it, then keep it. Still, my 8" mini bong only cost like 25 bones, and that bottle you've got isn't too aesthetically pleasing. If you paid more than $20 bucks, I'd take it back and tell whoever sold it to you to fuck off for misleading you. I could make that for free and slap a Playboy sticker on it.

    EDIT: I'm an idiot, didn't read the $15 in the orig. post. So, do whatever. It can't be that bad for fifteen bucks, just don't shop there!

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