my bubblebucket smells like rotten eggs

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cryptorchi1d, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. yeah, my bubblebucket smells like rotten eggs, like really nasty stuff. i open the lid and there is some white fuzzy stuff floating around inside and there is a build up of this stuff around the edge of the water. what should i do besides drain and flush, is there something i need to add or what? anyone had this problem before?
  2. yeah, you change your water every 10-14 days. Sounds like you got a bad mold problem. do some research on hydrogen peroxide in hydro to help for mold. Hope it turns out well
  3. flush and clean everything like you said then you need to up the O2 getting in the solution

    what air pump are you using - is it man enough for the job?

    dont use hydrogen peroxide - it's much safer and healthier for the plant to get a bigger air pump

    good luck dude
  4. I always flush every 7 days no matter what. This prevents things like that from happening :)

  5. flushing every 7 days is a waste of nute in my opinion - I only ever flush after 4 weeks when I flip to 12/12 and then 4 weeks in and then 1 week from the end

    if you got good aeration then you wont get these problems
  6. I'm with you man. 100%
    I've seen no need at all to flush regularly so far. I flushed at my 12/12 switch, and I plan to flush 10 days prior to harvest. I've smelled my buckets and never noticed any kind of funk going on in em. I just top them off with fresh nute solution every 2-3 days (every 2 now in flowering) and they keep on going. Tomorrow is week 4 of flowering.
    When I first started, my first 3 weeks I was flushing out my res' every week. Not only was I throwing away nutrients, but its a chore flushing and cleaning out bubblebuckets once the plants get bigger. Screw that lol
  7. If its bad enough to smell like rotten eggs, I don't know if hydrogen peroxide will do the trick. You might be up for a bleach & water scrubbing just to make sure. And like the other said, make sure you have a big enough pump. I have upped mine to a 30 gal aquarium pump for a 5 gal bucket just to be safe.

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