my brothers cat ate my only female plant

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    it was 3 weeks in lowryder 2. only female plant. my brothers cat ate it which he brought home himself one day. annoying as fuck cat always scratches everyone and tore up the leather, runs around knocking things over, and now ate my only plant. at least i have 4 seeds left but now its too late in the season and i only have a 65 watt grow cfl and a 65 watt flowering cfl bulb only one ballast. is it enough. i have a 2 gllon pot and enough soil. hoping to staart again indoors this time in a closet.

    p.s the fujcking cat ate two seedlings before i grew this one 4 weeks ago. so this is my third try.
  2. damn that's a real tough break. if you use both 65w cfl's for both vegging and flowering you could grow one really nice plant.
  3. i have only one ballast. i can only use 1 bulb at a time.
  4. you shouldn't even need a ballast for a 65w cfl i don't think. if you're talking about a socket, you can pick one up at walmart for like $2.00
  5. dude, that was stupid, you knew already the cat ate the other seedlings, and didn't take measures to secure? i thought that it was the first time, til you mentioned the other incident, my senior drill instructor once said, "...ignorance you don't know any better, stupid is when you know better.."
  6. ...and I bet you still have that stupid cat running 'round the house...
  7. i did secure it but the past few days i decided to put it by the windowsill everyday for a few hours and close the door. the cat managed to open the door somehow and still got in.

    and its not my cat. i wanted to get rid of it way before it ate anything, but its my brothers.
  8. ok, no disrespect meant,

  9. [​IMG]

    sorry i had too :D :smoke:
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    well i do have an old 150 watt hps grow light but i have nothing to hang it with, the hooks i lost. i think i might get the new hooks on the internet. until then i can use the cfls which i just put over a rack.

    just cross your fingers and hope for me to get harvest this time. i have yet to get my first lifetime harvest after 6 tries. there are no words to express teh frustrations i have experienced. worst part is i have no weed to smoke no alcohol to drink and no cigarettes to smoke. and im stuck at my house until september. and i recently quit cigarettes. extremely stressed. now with this i thinjk ill have to start again.
  11. did the cat get high? :cool:
  12. go to homedepot or any other hardware store and get yourself some fisheye screws or somethin and ghetto rig that light :smoke:
  13. shoot the cat
  14. Yeah id fucking strangle that cat:D
  15. strangle the cat, then eat it.

    tell us if you get high.
  16. Yea Man, I can relate. I had some friends that had 2 parrots, and got into their closet one day while at work, and ate all the leaves off their babies.
    Never did find out what happened to those birds? lol.,
  17. Strangle the cat, then smoke it.
  18. me thinks the cat is very smart and has good taste. he picked the only female plant. never cross the cat or they will get their revenge. My 2 cats are very devious little bastards. :D
  19. I dont why I hate cats so much but I do.

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