My broken pipe

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Czar Raps-A-Lot, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. One time I wuz smoking out of my $66 sherlock and my friend dropped it and he said it was cause he was drinking but he'd had like 2 shots and I was like "awww, man."
  2. that sux .......shit happins
  3. You don't understand...this was my favortie pipe!
  4. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...butterfingers
  5. "It takes a very steady hand.. Butterfingers!"
    I have a $100 sherlock that I'm really careful with. I just love the Professor (my pipe) too much to risk having it broken.
  6. i was there when czars pipe was was beyopnd his control...twas a shame too as his piece was a fucking work of art
  7. Gotta love the bad dude.
  8. i know ow you feel i was on a munchies run to wendies whe ni got a call to come home. my rents found my bong and my dad called me out in the garage and said "watch this" and he droped a sluge hammer onto my bong while he wasstill lookin at me. i was so pissed cause i had only had it for like a month and a half

  9. That's just evil! If they were going to throw it away, they didn't need to destroy it in front of you...
  10. Yeah evil's a good word to descibe that. Did you get into any more trouble?
  11. Before smoking out of a nice piece say if any of you break this you owe me $100 (or wahtever its worth + price to make the trip and buy it). This is what my bros friend did last week when i borrowed his piece at a keger at my place. Later that night my older brothers idiot drunk friend came by while me and my friends weer toking on my porch and i was laughing becasue of his stupidity. He stats saying "arrre u makkking fun of meee" (drunk talk) laughing so we start pushing eachotehr back and forth, then i see him kick and i hear glass shatter :O I yelled you idiot.. You broke the bowl!! after looking around i saw it was just the jar with the 1/4 oz of weed in it so my weed was all over the ground :(. teh owner of the bowl hear me say that and heard the glass shatter and came over but i showed him that it was just the jar he was relieved to say the least.Its better off loosing some crystals off my buds then owe $100 and lose respect from the kid. The idiot drunk that caused this got driven home later because he was bothering everybody.
  12. This makes me wanna take more care for my glass. Thanks
  13. thats why i dont spend more than like 20 bucks on a small piece that im gonna be taking everywhere with me.
  14. ya same i just buy decent 20 dollar color changin pipes and they work prime....very conceilable keep in in your pocket at all times...
  15. And that's why I stick with joints :)
  16. lol also very true hahaha

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