My breakup song "Moving Out"

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  1. So, my friends have always been into music and stuff and I've always helped them record. But today my friend was playing a guitar rift and I was sort of freestyling to it and decided I wanted to write something. The song is titled "Moving Out" and is a break up song. The song has my friend singing at first and then it has my two rap verses. The concept of the song is how my breakup happened. My first verse I'm being nice and saying I miss you and and I'll make things work - then the second verse I'm saying f*ck you, I don't need you, and all of that. Just as the breakup really happened.

    NOTE: This is the ROUGH draft. We have not finished mixing the vocals at all - especially his. We just through the vocals together so far and need a lot more effects and actually I need to throw my voice in the beginning on the "la la la laa" and on the chrous.

    Critical words are welcomed and suggestions and what not. I'm not a rapper, this was my first real try and it is.

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