MY brain.

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    Whose brain?
  2. Think about it. Don't fill this thread with useless posts.
  3. your brian.
  4. My brain? Whose brain?
  5. Who, is the collective instance of all the instances of intentionality of the collective instance of all the microorganisms that form your body. That's who.
  6. Am "I" defined by my brain...?
  7. not even close dude...
  8. I have a really hard time with this question. I can't even understand it.
  9. our brain, the universal one interconnected through space and time
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    We haven't explored that well the universe, our oceans and our brains.

    So its pretty hard to answer. I always ask myself this question. Am I my brain or is my brain me?

    I mean just think about it. A grey mushy piece of "flesh" caged in a bone structure that interprets reality and is filled with emotions ranging from love to hate, from happiness to sadness. The brain is so fucking weird and so are we.
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    Intentionality (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

    I think about the idea of me as the collective instance of every instance of intentionality (link for definition for those who need it) my brain has ever processed. I know that is not a very satisfying answer but I am only human. However, it makes "you" difficult to pin down because it is literally always changing. I mean, I do know where you are coming from. I understand there really isn't anything that we can directly trace the inception of consciousness to and all that but the fact of the matter is there is each and every one of us. Me is simply an idea created by man and, from an individual's perspective is simply an intensional (see the same article for disambiguation) one to refer to himself in contrast to others.

    You make not be able to "see" you in this sense but you can't go back and change these instances for they are what define you as an individual.

    I forgot I already said who I am in another thread. I am my collective intentionality. Or, for you, I refers to the collective intentionality of the brain.
  12. I know man. It just seems weird to me now to say, "My brain," because it's always answered by that ringing, "...whose brain?" What the fuck? I can't wrap "my" mind around it.

    My brain. Whose brain?

    Well, it's mine. Yours?

    No, mine. It belongs to me.
    Who is me?
    I'm me.

    I'm Bahookahjoe18.

    Who's he?

    He's uhhh...

    whose brain?
  13. Your brain is your brain. "your" as in your being. Your being is composed of your brain, your arms, your legs, and everything else that's a part of you. You're a combination of these things.
  14. My arms don't think.
    My legs aren't saying these words or asking these questions.


    That's what I'm trying to define. Who do these things belong to?
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    You are your perception of existence.

    No one, not even neurologists have ever been able to get even close to explaining how perception of existence works, and they never will.

    Perception of existence is 100% unexplainable, as soon as you can accept that, you can accept perception of existence for what it is.
  16. I already told you.
  17. my brain....what a joke....

    if it is mine then how come i couldnt keep it?

    why is a chunk of "my" brain sitting in a lab dish somewhere?

    i told them! "its mine...what do you mean i cant take it home? wtf!? it is mine isnt it?"

    they did not care.....
  18. Which one?:confused:

  19. your brain is you.

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