My boyfriend won’t share his weed - normal?

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  1. So my partner and I both smoke all day every day. Recently because of my mental health I lost my job and am down to working one day a week which has been hard on my income.

    Usually I’d buy a Q every few days but now due to lack of funds I’ve only been able to buy about one a month. Despite cutting down and rolling smaller zoots I’m still running out every week. My partner and I don’t share money, bank accounts, etc. And I don’t expect him to support me *BUT* even when he’s got a full jar, his weekly selection of cali’s and his THC powder pot he will not share.

    I can very very occasionally get a small zoot off him if I beg and am in tears but apart from that he’ll happily sit in our living room and smoke knowing I don’t have any and don’t have any way of getting any.

    Even though I barely earn anything I share everything with him. If I had a quid in my pocket he could have it but he doesn’t feel the same. I’ve asked straight out if I can share his weed and he just says no.

    Is this normal? Am I being a prize prick for asking him to share with me when I run out? Should I just shut up and put up if I can’t afford to buy it or should I expect him to help me out?

    Getting so many different opinions from mates but none of them smoke so I don’t think they get the need for weed!
  2. TL:DR
    Lose him
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  3. What a shitty partner, in this aspect. I have a fe questions, you said you dont share bank accounts money whatever. So who's house are you living in? Who pays the Bills, food, extra? No matter what he is still a dick idk what a zoot is but my lady leaves me enough weed for a bowl every day if I dont have any because she knows I am an avid smoker. This is on top of her taking care of all other financial responsibilities right now.
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  4. He sounds selfish but I'm sure there's more to the story than what you're telling us. Perhaps he's tired of going to work every day supporting the both of you while you're out with other guys, we don't know. I do know it's odd that you buy once a month but run out every week.
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  5. Wait you smoke a quarter a month? What’s a zoot? Seriously I don’t know.
  6. Sounds like we don’t have the whole story
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  7. Thanks for replying, we rent a place together and split the rent, utilities, insurance etc between the two of us 50/50 this was easy enough when I was working but takes up all of my pay now that I’m not. Haha sorry, uk slang! Zoot is a joint! House duties wise I do the cooking, cleaning and take care of the dog because I’m at home more now
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  8. thanks for replying! Sorry, UK wording not coming across well! A zoot is a joint and a Q is a quarter of an ounce, about £60 x
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  9. Console you Mental Health and TRASH the looser

    loving is Caring and Sharing

    find a female friend to shelter you until you have recovered

    good luck
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  10. Maybe he doesn’t like when you smoke?
  11. Thank you for getting back to me! I have agoraphobia so am at home all day. I do feel guilty about this so I make sure to do the cleaning and cook good food. Usually I’d stock up on weed monthly but it equated to about £60 a week when I was working, now I’m trying to make that last a month instead, it’s a struggle! I’m topping up weekly if I can, the odd nugg from our dealer for a tenner that sort of thing x
  12. That’s a possibility although he has smoked as long as I have. Definitely worth bringing up though x
  13. thanks for replying! Sorry, UK wording not coming across well! A zoot is a joint and a Q is a quarter of an ounce, about £60 x
  14. Thank you, I don’t think I’m at the point where I can’t be with him as I do love him and respect him but this is becoming an issue that’s coming between us, I definitely need to work out a better way of approaching it x
  15. If you're not holding up your end of the bargain, for whatever reason, he should either kick you out or share his smoke. Smoking in front of you isn't cool regardless. I'd like to hear his side of it before saying whether or not he should kick you out.
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  16. Thanks for replying! I’m actually the named tenant on our lease so it would be me kicking him out if anything, I would never do that obviously though, bit deep to do, not my style.
  17. £60 a Q? You're being bent over most dealers in the UK charge £40-£45 for a Q :laughing::laughing:
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  18. Innit man, these south east prices are a killer ☹️☹️☹️
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  19. Also what job do you have that pays you enough to only work 4 days a month & pays you enough money to cover your rent?? Unless you do some mad 20 hour shift there's no way working 1 day a week would give you enough money to cover rent let alone a Q of weed:laughing:
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  20. I've got weed from all round the UK & never been charged more then that for a Q.. the only place I've found is expensive is London because they give you like 0.7 for a £10:laughing::laughing:

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