My boy won't eat me out =[

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by blaazedd, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. He's never eaten out a girl and I mean I guess he's nervous or maybe he jsut doesnt want to bt daaaamn it'd be sooo sexy if he would. I'd die and go to heaven. How should I go about doing this?
    I give it up to him and I suck his dick like a pro [deep throat/suck on his balls/etc] but he wont eat me out =[
  2. is there something about your vagina that he finds unappealing?

    odor. . . hair?

    enlarged clitoris?
  3. I have a pretty pink, clean, shaved cooch.
  4. If you give oral, he should be giving oral too. That convinced me in the past. Sounds like you have things in order down there.

    When I first started eating out, I would use whip cream in a can, disguised any taste that was unappealing (don't affect me now hehe). Plus it made it fun for her. Anytime I wanted to get her excited I'd tell her "Hey I'm buying some whip cream tonite."
  5. i say drizzle hash oil on it and see whos not going to Sandwich town
  6. show him a porn of the act and tell him thats what you want. he can learn while he watches. if he doesnt get the hint, find someone who does.

  7. Stop sucking his dick then. It goes both ways. Once he starts missing that and wanting some oral then maybe he'll consider giving for once instead of recieving.
  8. heed what this stonerchick says lol. my girlfriend never went down on me until i cut her off from oral for a few weeks and now i get my dick sucked on the regular:p
  9. walk past him with just a shirt on, when he gets interested lean back and tell him to have fun!
  10. regulate
  11. Hmm.

    I don't understand why he's not all over it, every chance he gets.

    Pussy just tastes so damn good.
  12. Eating out is great...for about a minute and then it gets boring lol. I usually sing a song in my head or something to keep from falling asleep. But I agree, cut him off and he'll give in lol.
  13. maybe some 69age
  14. There's your problem. You've got a boy. You need a man.
  15. he just doesn't know what to do. pop a porno in and tell him to learn something.
  16. i have the exact opposite problem. My gf doesnt want me to eat her out. I fucking love it but she doesnt seem to want it. i dont understand, who doesnt want something that feels good?

    have you straight out asked him for it?
  17. WTF is wrong with him?

    Stop sucking him off.... he doesn't deserve it.

    Ask him if he like hearing you scream his name.... tell him thats the ticket.

    If all else fails tell him you have some nice lesbian friends that will be fine with taking over his job... .
  18. flavored pussy

  19. +rep so true
  20. hell yes, watch porn and do as they do. That's always fun. He sounds a bit of an ungrateful shit really, I had a boyfriend like that before. He just didn't want to apparently. So I just sat there with my legs open and got myself off if he didn't want to do it. Turned him on so much that he got to the job anyway.

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