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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by BKKG, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone, I'll try to post some pics later, but tonight I finally managed to build my first grow box! I'd like to hear comments/advice from anyone who happens in to look, so please let me know!
  2. Kinda hard to critique something we know nothing about ;)

    Congrats nonetheless!
  3. Sorry about that! I meant to post pictures right after that post, but then my internet cut out all night.

    My box is a rubbermaid container, about 2 feet long, 1'3'' tall, and 1'6'' deep. My goal is to hold two pots, and therefore two plants.

    It's lit with two 22.5 inch t5 fluoros, at 14W each (I'm thinking that I'd like to add 1-2 more for this box, but I'm not sure if it's necessary, and I don't want to bleach the plants). The lights are currently held on with duct tape.

    It has one large hole with a desk fan mounted in it for exhaust, sealed with duct tape (again). There are also three small square holes in the bottom for air intakes.

    And thanks to the t5's and large exhaust fan, the box is very cool. The exhaust after having run all night is barely warm!

    And later on, I'll need another cabinet to keep mothers, but that's a box that I'll work on later.

    Here are some pics:

    My box in the dark. I need to lightproof it; I'm thinking of covering the outside with duct tape, and placing it in a large box for stealth. Also, I'd like to line the insides with white printer paper, as it would reflect the light back inside, but I'm not sure if that's a practical option.

    This is the light setup.

    And here's a pic of the inside, with the exhaust fan in the corner.

    So what does everyone think? Am I ready to finally start growing?
  4. interesting to watch and see. do u have seeds germinating???
  5. Not yet, I'm ordering some Cinderella-99 seeds tomorrow (I need the post office to be open so that I can get a money order).

    I expect them to arrive in 10 days or so, at which point I will begin germinating them on some starter pellets I bought at a gardening store, in small disposable pots (pictures coming soon).

    Do you think that I'll have enough light in this box? If I need more t5 bulbs, I'd like to pick them up soon, before my seeds arrive.

    EDIT: Oh, and one more question: Would it be better for me to line inside walls of the box with aluminum foil or tin foil rather than white printer paper?
  6. white is better than foil I beilieve, since foil tends to wrinkle and cause hot spots. But u might want to invest in some mylar it is the best by far. Not sure if ull have enough light in there guess it depends on how many plants. You have 2 t 5 bulbs right??? It will grow SOMETHING I'm sure. But the quality??? can u rig some CFL's into there??? the more light the better.

    But Im still learning too. any way u can get some clones???? it will save you months.
  7. Yeah, I'll be building a second box in a month or two to house a mother and clones, and then I'll be able to switch from box to box so that I have a near continuous supply. I don't know where I'll put it though... but these are just details.
  8. i hope you dont mind but i am going to use this idea

    its somthing that my parents will accept

    a few minor adjustments might be needed

    extra light probably

    thank you very very much

    -- the bubonic plague
  9. depending on heat u might want to seal off all light penetration. maybe spray paint the inside black then white???? I dont know. then mylar it all on the inside??? then u would get a lot of light reflection I think. It should be pretty easy to rig up a cfl or two into there too then u might be rockin as far as light. But seriously man, as with all things, just fuck around till it works for u. take advice but every situation is different. as long as u understand the principles of what u need ull get it goin.
  10. Thanks for the encouragement, gonejah. I'll be starting a grow journal as soon as my modified box is finished, and once my seeds get here we'll see how everything works!

    And bubonic, of course I don't mind if you use this idea. In fact, I'm happy if people have success with my general design, and I wish you the best of luck! Once I've got my journal going, you can check it out to see how well the whole setup works too.
  11. instead of the tubes im using Cfls

    4 of them rated at 100w

    think im going to some Lsting also
  12. BKKG -
    Things I see wrong with this setup.
    1. 24 watts of fluoros. At best with a perfect grow you are going to get poor quality weed, if you have more than 1 plant, there is no way it will work.
    2. Space. A plant should be atleast 12" before you induce flowering. With only 19" of space, I think you said, you won't be able to finish flowering, and the leave will be right on the fluoros anyway. Tying it down might help but you will probably run out of room width-wise aswell.
    You have a general idea but I think you still have some research to do. Good luck!

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