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  1. take it back and buy a watepipe
  2. Dick.
    Thats a beautiful little spoon. Take care of it and it will last forever, it's pretty thick. I don't smoke flower to much anymore but i still have my first pipe laying around. Every one is unique, that's the best part about spoons. They're personalized as it gets. A couple hundred people have the same Roor, but no one will ever have a spoon like that.
  3. That does look sick, reminds me of a skeleton. Really digging it. :smoke:
  4. Looks great, just like MC4 said, they're all unique. It's blown glass, it's nearly impossible to have exactly identical pieces in comparison.
    Very cool! :)
  5. looks like u got ripped off bro
  6. God that jerk is the worst troll ever ^^^^^
    Lots cool, like the spiral-ly bit :)
    How little of a life do you have?
  8. Nice pipe, perfect for halloween
  9. Yeah I was just going to say that. And that little troll is perfect for Halloween too.
  10. You're giving us UK stoners a bad name man. Not cool.

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    Dude that looks like a zebra's dick and balls.
    I would love to smoke outta that. Would make me smile every time.
    Because yes, I like zebra dick in ma mouth.

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