My Bong: Missing In Action

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by EuropeanVW, May 29, 2004.

  1. I hate the party scene. My friend had a party last night, and it was actually going well. Lotsa kids smoking, just having a good time. I kept my bong hidden in a backpack, and would put it in the closet when not using it, being careful and what not.

    So anyways, I'm trying to goto sleep, and my friend (kid whos house we're in), asks me if he can use the bong. I let him, then goto bed.

    So I wake up this morning, getting ready to leave. And wheres my bong? No where to be found. My friend (who I definately trust) said he put it back in the bag and set it beside his bed. And now its totally gone. Worst part is, at that time, lots of kids had left, and the kids who are possible suspects are some of my better friends there.

    Shitty night. Plus, my bong was my first piece ever. I hate ignorant drunks.
  2. that sucks. i hate it when stupid fucks do that. i bought a nice glass piece at a party, i let someone use it then i went to bed. when i woke up the kid was gone with my bowl and i never saw him again. bad luck. it sucks but it happens. it's crazy.
  3. damn man that really sucks...sorry to hear that.
  4. I was drunk at a friends house last weekend and lost part of my beloved home made bowl.... Ohhhh, the memories.
  5. I got a good idea of who it might be. But I feel like he's going to deny everything upon confronting him. Oh well, looks like someones fixing to catch an ass whooping.
  6. if you think you know who it is, find a way to get inside the kid's room when he isn't there.

    bribe his roommate or something.

    oh, i'm assuming you're at college.

    search his room, if he's got it, steal it back and one other item of equal or lesser value.

    then wait three days and go kick the shit out of him with a bunch of your friends and a baseball bat.

    but, most importantly: have fun doing it.

    the Infrequent Ninja

    PS: be sure to tell me how it goes.
  7. Man, that is sad to hear. Losing a beloved piece of yourself. Not to mention it was your first piece ever. Man that is horrible. Find someway to make vengeance if you have to. If you know who it is, find a way to get proof. Then beat his ass and get your piece back. Here is a toke for you man!
  8. yeah man, go down to target with like $18 then buy a little t-ball baseball bat, aluminum, and beat the shit out of him, steal his money and keys. then go to his house get your bong and your good. only if you want. i would :p. or a better idea is to, confront him while you are at his house, and if you are bigger than him, and he says he doesnt have it, search his house. hell probably be hidding it if you are over, so look in his closet, itll be there.

    oh and tell me how it goes too :)
  9. i'd say double check the place your bong was last scene. i thought i lost my baby one night when i had a few people over that i don't usually hang around. my bong goes missing the next day and i blamed every alst fuck'in one of them, until i found my bong in a different hiding place back here.
  10. ^^^

    Yeah, its definately not in the kids house. The last person to use it put it in a backpack next to his bed, and after cleaning the whole house he still hasn't found it.

    And good suggestions from everyone else. I'm not in college yet, so I'd probably have a difficult time getting into his (his parents, also) house. But I could easily confront him at school.

    And nah, I'm not necisarily bigger than him. But I guarentee I'd hit alot harder than him based on the situation. My knuckles are already jacked up from pouding on walls after realizing it was gone.
  11. who the hell is ready to serve time for beating up a bong thief? all this for a fuckin bong?
  12. That sucks man, same thing happened with my digital camera, pipe, and weed. I let my roomate use it while we were hosting a party once, then he gave it back and I put it back in my room (in a little dumwaiter thing I have) and go back to partying, when I wake up the next morning to download all the pictures, I pull up the dumwaiter, and it's empty. Never found out who it was either. Don't even have any suspects.

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