My bong is a murderer!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Chode, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. I was smoking at a friends house last night, and about halfway through a quarter, we took a break. I set my 20'' Jerome Baker Bong on the table next to his 24'' Jerome Baker. The table was uneven and my bong started to tip. A marble on my bong hit his, and broke it in half with no problem. His bong was thick as hell, and got destroyed by mine. Since we were stoned, we think my bong got jealous, and decided to murder the other Jerome. Thusly, we named my bong "Killer" (e.g: Half Baked). No worries though, I'm gonna give this guy $250 or buy him a brand new Roor for around $150.
  2. Dude thats funny. The bong got jealous. :)
  3. That sucks his bong broke

  4. Yeah, really. I'd be so heated if I had a two foot JBD that got destroyed.

    Thats cool that your paying him though, even though it wasn't your fault.
  5. lmao that is the best story ever. sucks for him though.

    What was its name before the murder?
  6. Best. Story, Ever
  7. Yeah, the whole situation really sucks. Funds are WAY tight, so pulling $250 out of my ass will be difficult to say the least.
  8. lol must suck for him
  9. i wouldn't piss your bong off could be its next victim lol

  10. You don't even know. We had each smoked like 2 grams each, and I was scared of the bong. When my friend who's Jerome was broken took hold of the bong, I told him my bong was going to try and choke him when he hit it.
  11. I just went down to the headshop to pick this guy up a Roor. Picked out a $260 Ice master 5.0. 45cm tall, 45mm wide, 5mm thick, 14.4mm joint with ice notches. I couldn't hand it over to the dude. I ended up keeping it, and giving him my Jerome. I'm DAMN glad I did. This Roor beats the hell out of it. Although, I feel kind of bad abandoning my bong.
  12. that sucks for you almost as much though. Gotta shell the cash for a new Jerome, but if yo can afford it I'll take one too. Keep killer calm next time or he could start a killing spree.
  13. a jerome for a roor? that's my boy! representing OC!!!!!! you've got a good head on your shoulders. let me be the first to sy.. "i'm proud of you!"
  14. damn, whats the name of the headshop in la that sells RooR's?

    i have been looking all over for one, but have been unable to find them around me(but, i live in a small ass town)

    i looked online, but the only stores i saw that sold them were located in the U.K.
  15. Fucking killer indeed. It reminds me of my younger smoking days, when bong tokes knocked me out. I'll post some pics right now.
  16. Stupid decision if you ask me. You should have given him the RooR, kept the JBD, and saved up to buy another RooR. Think about it, no matter what, you could always get that same RooR for the same price, but you're not going to find another JBD like yours, and if you do, it's gonna be alot more than $260 dollars.

    But still, RooRs kick ass.
  17. where are those pics dude
  18. are you stupid in the head? or do you just live in the past?

    good story none the less though.
  19. i remember this one time i was smokin it up with my dealer, we were using his glass spoon. so we are on the 3rd bowl and after i take a hit i pass it to him, but im so high i fumble it and it falls breaking it into two pieces; i was like "this isn't happening" lol. but then i payed him 30 bucks for it so he could buy another one. lol, that was a crazy day:D
  20. that is really cool of you for paying him though but i would be pretty iffy, but yea i know how it feels to have someone break a bowl or something and then they dont pay, very depressing

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