My bong collection

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  1. heres my collection, lets see yours

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  2. You are a good man. We should hang out sometime :D
  3. Wow, that looks like an expensive set. How much?
  4. PeppieRe: My bong collection
    Wow, that looks like an expensive set. How much?

    frosted blue phire = 250$, phire yellow label tube= 180$, phire beaker bottom= 225$, phire blue label tube= 180$ big bubbler= 200$, lil blue bubbler=60$, 4 foot bong= 250$, lil custom kush bong= 90$, hash pipe= 50$, adda perk=40$, big orange bowl= 40$, steam roller= 50$, one hitter bowl= 20$
  5. Where did you buy all of them from?
  6. loove the phire.
  7. I bought them all from maryjanes house of glass in Portland oregon
  8. You like phire don't ya :)

    Should get some perc's in that collection
  9. phire makes bongs with the coil condenser thing now. i saw them at my local headshop for either 600 or 800 dont remember lol.

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