My body is falling apart.

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  1. Hey stoners. FRAT warning.Theres a lot of smart ppl around here so I thought I'd ask this on GC. For about 5 years now I've felt a steady decline in my health, I grew up playing every sport you can name an never had any problems healing the injuries I would pick up along the way. But in the past 5 years injuries just wont heal, was really into weightlifting, Muaythai and BJJ and just felt so good for a while. I've picked up numerous injuries that I still have today, mainly a shoulder injury I've had for 2.5 of the last 4 years and a back injury I've had for 2 years now. I have seen every specialist availible to me and not a single one can heal these injuries. I have ankle/knee/c spine/t spine/l spine/wrist/elbow/foot injuries that just do not heal. The other day my left should slightly came out of its socket while reaching for my steering wheel, fucking pathetic right? My sight has gotten worse, balance is off. Some days I have no appetite, and im always yawning and tired with major bags under my eyes, I have 2 permanent black eyes. My Dr just tells me to go to physio, but i think after 16 months of physio its pretty clear to me that theres a much deeper problem. I need help, because I'm literally falling apart. Anybody go through this hell before?
  2. I'm in the same boat man.

    20 years old and feel 40. Fucked up ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, and broken knuckles fucking up my hand. I can't do things I know I could/should be able to do.

    Its my own fault though, no insurance, reckless behavior, and the stupidity to not go to a doctor and let everything heal all fucked up. Instead of getting help, I'm fucking dumb and didn't do shit.

    On another not I'm loosing my mind too. Anxiety and depression taking over my life. I don't enjoy life anymore, I just go through the motions steady tyrnta maintain. My physical decline is definitely speeding up my loss of reality and self.

    Don't know what to tell you though du, just relating to your struggle. Just realize that there are other people in this world with much, much worse problems than you or I.

    Keep your head up my dude.
  3. Sounds like we're mostly on the same page, I've been fortunate enough to have some coverage, thing is it hasn't helped at all. I always try to remind myself that there is much worse out there but we gota remember everyone has to deal with their own problems ya? Im 22 so just a bit older and ya i feel like im 45-50 an getting worse. Just not right and its no way for us to live. I'm scared to get older.
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    Haerd that. I don't know that I wanna get past 30. ten more years of HARD livin. I want to out live my parents though, not putting them through that shit.

    The fucked up thing is that I realize things I should do and acknowledge I'm livin wayyyy off base, but don't got the motivation, will, persverance, or whatever to to do shit bout it. I know I should, but I dont want to I guess?? Weak ass fuck I dont even know mysekf,

    Physical therapy the only recomendation I have du, if you got the insurance and long bread to pay for it.

    Keep soldiering on
  5. Ya I know what you mean. Im past the physio stage, thats why Im posting this here an on another forum, someones got to know something I dont, fuckin desparate. Thanks brother, you keep your chin up too, shits gota get worse before it gets better I guess.

  6. Ahh man good luck bro,I really hate hearing these kind of things happen.
    (What about some cardio,My body and joints feel amazing after a bowl of green and about 10 mins of anything,I hope this or anything helps.)
  7. Oh and for the eyes eat Carrots on a daily basis and get some sunrise and sunset.
  8. ^ Cardio does make me feel good, only problem is the knees and feet that feel so mangled I can barely ever go to the gym. I know getting the blood moving is definitly something that helps. Just hard to get motivated to drive to the gym only to be there for 20 minutes watching people do what I love when I cant. Fuckin stressful dude.
  9. get yourself in the pool asap. being the water will take off gravitational strain.

    swim some laps, if you cant grab a kickboard and kick some laps.

    if you cant do that fuckin doggie paddle for hells sake. it won't be instant fixure to ur problems but i will assure you, you're body will feel better.

    start doing yoga. whats your diet look like? if you eating like shit, you body will be shit so if you are eating terrible look up ways to eat better.

    lastly, go see a acupuncturist. if they are good, they will do more then just stick needles in you. i dont know what you input is toward this medicine but i assure you, its different but it works, again if they are legit. give it a chance

    modern medicine has failed so go see an internal one, i recommend it.
  10. The pool and yoga are 2 things Ive always wanted to try. Couple weeks ago i was in a pool obe wrong move and the shoulder was in some good pain. Yoga I feel would be great, just havn't gotten around to it. Saw an oldschool type chiropractor from south korea for about 12 weeks, gained nothing. I really believe he knew his shit too, very much into the eastern approach to healing rather then our western medicine. Last option is naturopath.
  11. I just noticed ur SN, got a buddy we call Gilly lol.
  12. Dam, I thought I was bad. Im sorry to hear bro. After only 6 years of caddying my back is decently f**d up. Sometimes i will get done, get out of car and it will take me a good 5ish min just to stand up straight. Can't do it fast cuz itll hurt too bad. I also sometimes have leg/hip pain and I will start to pimp out of nowhere and itll be weird. That started when I was 17ish. 19 now, and some stuff didn't work out which is the only reason I kept caddying (6 years..dam..been way too long) Some of the guys there are like 40..I really have no idea how they do it. most talk about chiropractors all the time. So this summer im doing internship and swim instructor :) just gotta relax the body maybe. I am able to workout / go and lift 4 times a week. Maybe get some simple 10 lb weights and start there with little exercises? even though bone problems n such may hinder that.. I hope things work for you mate.
  13. For cardio I'd say get a bicycle. That, swimming, and yoga/regular stretching will help a lot. Just stretch for 20 or 30 minutes when you wake up and before bed. You have to be consistent with that tho, gotta do it everyday without exception and in a couple weeks you'll notice a difference. Don't give in to apathy just yet mate.
  14. I didn't see you mention what your sleep or diet are like.

    Maybe get the quality of your sleep evaluated and see if it can be improved.

    Do you eat foods high in antioxidants? oranges, sweet potatoes, apples, turnip greens, mustard greens, broccoli, cocoa, green tea, etc?
  15. I eat apples and oranges every once in a while but thats about it. I don't really eat a wide variety of food. I sleep ok, never feel rested though.
  16. I got into Yoga doing the P90X routine. Out of all the workouts in P90X, Yoga was definitely the most challenging, and the calorie burn was insane. I also always felt very rested after a workout.

    If you want to find something different and low-impact, I'd suggest Yoga. It'll change the way you define a "workout", increase your balance that I find helps in every day life, and kick your ass enough that you'll keep coming back for more.
  17. Yeah, the folks above got it right. Low-impact strength training and cardio (yoga, swimming) are great options. I'd suggest you stretch after a swim so you don't fuck anything up, also have someone teach you how to properly do the strokes so you don't risk pulling a muscle or anything.

    And this sounds crazy but try going vegan with a lot of protein. Your physical self can really reflect your dietary choices, and if you're not getting the nutrients you need your body cannot heal itself. Take a multi-vitamin and eat way more fruits, veggies, nuts, legumes, and whole grains. Hope you feel better soon!
  18. Steady trynta maintain.

    Gotta keep positive and productive.

    No apathy, stagnant bullllshhiiiit.

    *****ss is livin!

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