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My blood pressure vs my love

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hazardousglow, May 26, 2010.

  1. For starters I'm a girl,
    for second I love weed
    I really love some GOOD weed...

    I don't love my boyfriend of over a year his ex girlfriend getting in my life...
    Little did I know but the amazing bud I was smoking had been bought by her and sold to us by her brother (who I don't have a problem with) I have a problem with her trying to razzle her way into my life now. What they had has passed and I do not appreciate her stalking me, making comments about me, or SELLING ME WEED! It's bad enough my boyfriend has to go to her fathers house to pick up stuff for his disabled father because he is unable to make the trip. Of course who is going to be at her parents house? We've bumped into eachother once and I simply turned around and walked out and got VERY angry, I don't know what to do, this puts me in one hell of a position! Any help?
  2. Find a new dealer.
  3. Well that still don't change the fact that Kody has to go over to her father's to pick his own dad's shit up and the fact that she is "friends" with a lot of the same people I know, its an extremely irritating situation
  4. They're not very hard to find :D
  5. Since you asked I'll be blunt and honest, it's the only way I know how to be. You either trust your boyfriend, in which case it shouldn't matter one bit, or you don't, in which case you shouldn't be with him. You're obsessing over this girl for no good reason. Move on.
  6. #6 Devoke, May 26, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 26, 2010
    What the fuck do you want us to do. Im not sure I even see the problem except for you being a jealous, insecure bitch.

    Name-calling isn't tolerated at GrassCity, please read the rules before posting again. ~AK~
  7. Honestly, if it's causing that much of an issue, something has to go.

    Now think about it. If nothing can be done on their end... Maybe you need to do the changing*

    *the vagueness was on purpose
  8. There is no place for namecalling like that here. Grow up.

  9. This.
  10. yeah. that's helpful. :rolleyes:

    I agree with everyone else. Either bite the bullet or move on.
  11. what the hell man? there was absolutely no reason for that. you should just gtfo


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