My Birthday in 2 1/2 hours.

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Hittin' the big 2-2. Kinda scary, seeing as how there is no milestone after 21...except, I'm just getting old.

    Oh well.

    Got my girl, got bud, pretty drunk, and probably makin' a run up to Canada tonight. :D
  2. Happy Birthday Heinous! :hello:

    Enjoy it. :smoke:
  3. Nice man, have a Happy B-Day

    Enjoy it.
  4. Happy 21st!:hello:
  5. happy bday
  6. Thanks guys. :)

    Its actually my 22nd b-day, well, in about 2 hours. But, I know I won't be around tomorrow at all or for a little bit. So, I figure I post it now. :)
  7. go heinous,
    it's yo birthday,
    smoke a fatty,
    cause you my hommie!

    gayest rap ever, but happy b-day man and many more to come. I miss living in ny and being able to go up to niagra falls, smoke and get mad beer
  8. No milestones? What about the big 5-0!?

    Happy birthday. Go smoke a fat birthday blunt.
  9. 25 is a mile stone I guess at lest thats what somebody told me.
    I'm 34 35 feb. 4th and I look forward to mmmmmm GIRLS. 50 would be ok but wow, thats getting close but it is just a matter of time and we all get there.:hello:
  10. haAAAaAApy birth dayyyy


  11. Really wasted. A couple of girls from work brought me over "special" cupcakes with candles in them.

    They're kickin' in now... :)
  12. Happy Birthday, Heinous! :wave:
  13. [​IMG]

    Sounds like you're gonna have a blast :D Take care :smoke:
  14. Yup, have a good one anus :)
  15. Well its 12:02 now so i figure its ya birthday.

    Happy birthday man, Im gettin wasted myself.
  16. happy birthday

    remember: it doesn't matter how old you get, you can be immature forever
  17. Happy Birthday, Heinous. Have a good one.
  18. Happy B-day dawg...

    your age doesnt make can be as young as you want to be..hell thats weird..your barely older than 3 weeks
  19. happy birthday man.
    i've only got a few more months until i can rent a car without having to pay any extra charges. woohoo! thats the last thing to look forward to other than getting your senior citizen discount
  20. happy birthday my cuddie hope canada was fun

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